Driving License in India

How To Get a Driving License in India

A driver’s license is an authenticated document that certifies the holder’s ability to operate a motor vehicle or vehicle. No one can operate a motor vehicle in any public place in India unless he has a valid Driving Licence that authorizes him to operate a vehicle of that category, as per the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

One of the most thrilling perspectives of becoming an adult is finally being able to drive legally. You must be wondering how to get a driver’s license or how to apply online for a driving license if you can’t wait to take your automobile vehicle out for that first free solo ride. You must first get a learner’s license before obtaining your driver’s license. There is a 30-day waiting time after you obtain it before applying for your driving license. 

To obtain a driver’s license in India, follow the basic steps described below.

Submit your application for a learner’s license online in India

  • One can apply for a learner’s license online or offline according to preference.
  • To obtain your online driving license in India, you must visit the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) website.
  • Scroll down to the middle of the page after clicking the link. Click on ‘Driving license-related services on the right. 
  • Then you are required to select your state from the state selection page.
  • After selecting your state from the drop-down box and look for the ‘Apply for Learners’ button in the top left corner. 
  • To access the ‘Instructions for filling out the application’ tab, click here. 
  • To begin filling in the forms, click ‘continue.’
  • Fill the Online Driving License Form with appropriate details. 
  • Upload the relevant documents, as well as a photo of yourself and your signature.
  • You will be requested to upload documents such as a birth certificate, a tenth or twelfth-grade mark sheet, and proof of address.
  • Then you have to schedule your learner’s license test date.
  • After successfully clearing your test, you will get your learner’s license at your registered address.
  • Once you obtain your learner’s license, you have to visit the same website after 30 days.

Submit your application for a learner’s license offline in India

In India, applying for a learner’s driving license offline is a fairly quick and easy process. The specs below will show you how to apply for a driver’s license without going online.

  • The candidate must obtain Form 4, which is the motor vehicle driving license application form in India. Form 4 can be downloaded from the state transportation website or obtained by visiting the nearest RTO.
  • Fill the form with proper details and submit it to the RTO in your jurisdiction, together with supporting documents such as proof of age and proof of address. Also, make an appointment for a Driving License test at the RTO and pay the test charges.
  • Be present at your Driving License test center at the defined time and date. As you successfully clear the test, your learner’s license will be given on the spot or will be sent to your registered address.
  • Attend your learner’s license test at the scheduled time and date. If you pass the test, your learner’s license will be issued on the spot, or it will be sent to your registered address.

Complete application for a permanent driver’s license 

The initial step is to successfully finish the application procedure by entering your learner’s license number and date of birth, then clicking continue. You will be directed to a page where you must fill out the following information:

  • Candidate information includes your name, phone number, permanent address, and all other relevant information.
  • You will be required to upload documents such as a birth certificate, a tenth or twelfth-grade transcript, and proof of address.
  • After that, you must upload your photo and signature, just like you did for your learner’s license.
  • You’ll be asked to schedule your driving test at the RTO in the next step. You must select your nearest RTO to reach the destination on time and to eliminate the delay.
  • As you are done with slot booking, make payment for the same.
  • Now you can download your application form and payment receipt.
  • You can find the application number in the application form that will be used in the future to get updated with your license’s status.

Take your driving test 

All applicants should reach the test location at least 30 minutes before the scheduled test time. An officer will analyze your driving ability and question you about normal traffic rules and regulations at the test location. The RTO will be notified if you pass the test, and you will obtain your license within a few weeks.

Tips for Passing the Driving Test:

Do advance practice to have Full Confidence in Your Driving Skills

  • Reach your test location at least 15 minutes before with all required documents.
  • Do not turn off your vehicle until it has come to a complete stop. 
  • Change gear smoothly. 
  • Utilize both side and back mirrors while driving. 
  • While turning, show an indicator and hand signal.
  • At the time of taking a turn, show a hand sign and show an indicator. 
  • An RTO official will be available to notice how well you drive. While driving the car, he will sit with you to check the gear and the clutch moves.

We hope this article has helped you know how to get a driving license in India to drive legally. This is the ideal opportunity to accumulate your desk work and apply for a driver’s license! 






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