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Do writing and travelling both sounds like a bit of you? If they do, this might be your calling. This is the opportunity to write for us on travel, tour and travel, wanderlust, travel guide, adventure travel, vacations, travel tips, travel destinations and travel blog. You can share your travel, experiences, insider tips, stories, hacks and more for our travel-hungry readers. After all, such stories are meant to be shared with everyone. And, the best part is that you don’t have to be an expert writer or have expensive tools or equipment. All you need to write for us on travel, guide, vacations, wanderlust, travel destinations and tourism among other topics is to have a passion for writing and travel. And, you must be able to follow our guidelines to get started with the process.

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We are searching for travel, tourism and adventure articles including your personal experiences, travel hacks, travel stories and insider tips that add value to our readers. And, of course, the articles must be connected to everything related to travel and adventure. We are searching for well-written content, free from typos and grammatical errors.

Travel Write for Us – Submit Guest Posts on Adventure, Tourism, Wanderlust, Travel Tips, Destination and More!

Get on board with Royals and become a published writer. Write for us on travel, wanderlust, travel guide, tourism, vacations and travel destinations and inspire people by helping them to broaden their horizons. We are providing a chance for writers, freelancers and bloggers to become a part of this inspiration by writing about your travel experiences to readers across the world.

Travel Write For Us Blog
Travel Write For Us Blog

Writing Guidelines You Need to Follow

  • Writing Style and Tone

A great way to write for us on travel, tourism, travel guides, tour and travel, wanderlust, adventure, vacations, tourism, travel tips, travel destinations, and travel blogs as if you’re talking to someone you know. So, it’s advised to refrain from keeping the tone of your guest post from being overly formal. And, make sure the content also matches the personality of our brand. You should also maintain a conversational and friendly tone throughout your guest post to keep your readers engaged.

  • Originality

Make sure that the content is 100% original and isn’t copied from anywhere, including your personal website or blog. We are searching for authentic guest posts that have a bit of personality. So, you may write for us on travel, tourism, adventure, wanderlust and vacations about first-hand and real experiences too.

  • Content Type

The article you write for us should be relevant to our platform. Hence, only write for us on travel, tours, travel destinations, adventure, wanderlust, travel guides and more similar topics. However, kindly check that the topic you are attempting hasn’t been done already. And, make sure that a similar topic isn’t published elsewhere either. Writers are also requested not to include any external links to affiliate websites or ones that promote a product or service available on another website.

  • High-Quality

Before submitting a guest post, make sure the article is free of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. Also, please check that you have followed a comprehensive structure and format when drafting your article. For this, you may use numbered lists, bullets and text as you see fit. Also, try to write for us on adventure, travel, vacations, tourism and travel destinations for a minimum of 800 words. Remember, we are looking to add value to our readers’ lives so you must submit guest posts that fit the description.

  • Images and Videos

We ask writers to include 2 to 3 high-quality images or one video to accompany the content. However, see that both are free from copyright and watermark. Only include pictures you own the right to or ones you are allowed to share without the copyright.

What We Will Get Out of This Collaboration

  • We will experience growth as more readers will visit our website searching for answers to questions they may have. Furthermore, this will also present a chance for us to share valuable information and insights about destinations around the world as well as travel tips and guides.
  • We will receive great stories that we will be happy to share with our audience.

We Accept Travel Guest Posts on Below Ideas:

What You Will Get from This Collaboration

  • An opportunity to become a featured writer who has published work on the internet.
  • A platform where you can share your journeys, stories and experiences.
  • A chance to have articles that are shared across various social media platforms.
  • A backlink to your website or blog that attracts readers and increases traffic to boost credibility.

So, do you think you have an idea? If so, send us a pitch at and we will guide you with the next steps to take. Keep in mind that we prefer receiving drafts on Google Docs and Microsoft Word rather than in a PDF to make our job easier. Once we receive an article, our editorial team will get in touch with you regarding changes they might want you to make as well as further instructions. Also, if we don’t think your article is suitable for our platform, we will not make you jump through hoops. However, it’s important to be patient as our turnaround time is around 8 – 10 business days.

Once you have made the requested edits on your document, our editorial team will put the finishing touches and we will inform you once it has been published. After that, you may share it with people you know. Once the guest post has been published, it will be on our website for a long time for readers. Also, we reserve the right to make changes as we think are required to maintain article standards and ensure they are suitable for our website.

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