20 Essential Things to Pack in Bags for International Family Trip

20 Essential Things to Pack in Bags for International Family Trip

An international family trip is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. It’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone to have a good time and unwind. Packing for a family vacation is the less enjoyable part. It’s easy to overthink things and overpack, leaving out some small but more crucial items.

Planning light won’t be necessary as planning intelligent works. However, it would help if you had so many things to be with you for an international family trip. So, while getting stuck in some unwanted situation, you may feel proud of yourself with the travel packing items mentioned below. That is why, regardless of your holiday destination, we have developed an international travel packing list of what to carry in your luggage for a family travel.

Below are some basic travel essentials list things you need during international traveling:


Your passport is the most critical item to bring with you on your international traveling. Without it, you won’t get very far. One last check for that critical little book after you’ve checked everything off your pre-travel checklist and before you step out the door won’t hurt. Before you travel, double-check that your passport is still valid. It’s always a good idea to have at least six months on your passport before it expires, so check your expiration date well ahead of time so you can get a new one.

If you haven’t yet applied for a passport, haven’t renewed your passport, or have misplaced your passport, you can fill the online passport application and get your passport delivered after verification and all process done.

Universal Adapter/Charger

While international traveling to different countries, they have different charger plugs. Maybe this will be an issue for you, and for that, always carry a universal charger/adapter to charge your phones and power banks anywhere.

Power Banks

We’ve all experienced the frustration of having our phone’s battery die while driving. So pack a portable phone charger so you can charge your phone while you’re on the run. You don’t want your phone to die while you’re lost in the city or to lose out on great photo chances. 

Extension Cord

Carrying a Universal charger/adapter won’t be okay. What will you do if you have multiple things to charge? For that, carry an extension cord with a USB port inside it, So that you won’t have to carry more chargers with you for all your devices. 

Padded Backpacks/Anti-theft Backpacks

Crossbody bags sometimes are the wrong decision. However, while walking alone, Backpacks are suitable. Not only does a backpack spread the weight out better, but anything that lets you be hands-free while navigating directions is a benefit.

First-aid Kits/Emergency Medicines

A customized healing kit will always help you in your time of need. Be prepared for any emergency with a stock of painkillers, cold and flu pills, bandages, tampons, various wipes, and more.

Extra photograph of passport

Sometimes roaming around the city, Cops stop you to verify your details, and if you don’t have a copy of your passport, you may be fined some amount. So better to carry a picture of your passport on your phone.

Currency of that country

It is one of the most critical factors that will make your journey hassle-free when traveling to a new destination. You need money from the outset, be it at the airport or while buying a bus/metro ticket or paying the cab driver. Exchanging money at a hotel or airport may charge you a higher exchange rate better find a Forex dealer near you and get change your money there.

Ready to eat food

Hunger pains could take you down; to keep yourself active, snack bars are the best solution.


Hygiene is the key to good health. So it is always suggested to carry your toiletries as you won’t know what kind of toiletries you receive from your hotel/hostel. Also, carry wet tissues and deodorant with you to smell good. For sunny areas, you are advised to keep sunscreen with you.

Microfiber Towel

While exploring, you might have a very tight plan. Drying your towels might be a problem in that case. I advise you to buy an easy dry towel which will give you a foul odor-free journey.

Travel Insurance

You don’t know when something unfortunate happens to you. So it’s advised to get travel insurance done.


A set of earplugs is essential in any situation where you don’t necessarily want to be using your headphones — say, while sleeping — but want to drown out the ambient nuisance around you.

Umbrella/Rain Coat

Packing an umbrella with you will protect you during heavy rain, but make sure you carry one that can easily fit your bag.

Raincoats are also an excellent alternative to umbrellas.


Taking a torch will help you drive into dark areas while trekking or low-light streets in a city. 

Rope will help in various forms like you can use rope as an arm sling while your arms are injured. Also, it could help you strap accessories and objects to your rucksack or clothing to carry more things and keep your hands free.

Folder for Documents

Fill your folder with printouts of all your essential paperwork—including airline, hotel, and transportation confirmations and maps to anywhere you might need to travel independently. 

Offline and Online Leisure

Long car rides can become tedious after a while, especially for younger children. So grab a deck of cards, a book, and your child’s favorite bedtime story. Download a few movies or episodes of your favorite shows, as well as a few smartphone games that may be played offline.


Don’t assume you’ll be able to buy your preferred birth control at your destination. When traveling, you can’t be sure of the availability and quality of contraception, so make sure to have your usual with you. Also, if your preferred method is hormonal contraception, consider installing an app that will remind you to take the pill at the appropriate time. You might have your routine at home, but it’s easy for things to get hectic when traveling.

And not to forget the main thing in this pandemic.

Masks and Sanitizers

If you’re traveling during the pandemic, make sure you have basic face masks and hand sanitizer in your checked and carry-on luggage. Please keep them in a convenient pocket so you can get a new mask, wipes, or sanitizer whenever you need one.



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