Top Desert Safari Destinations In The World

Top Desert Safari Destinations In The World

In the whole world, when anyone thinks about the desert, the desert safari is the top place that blowing in your mind first. Desert safari is located in the southeastern corner of the United Arab Emirates. It covers 87 miles area of the land. But there are a lot of desert safari destinations in the world that give you an eye charming view. Dubai is famous for shopping malls, desert safari, and the business hub. Also, Dubai is called the entertainment hub of the world. All around the world, many desert safari available. No need to think only the few that are well known.

Now, the world desert safari includes the different deserts of different countries. But the most favorite is the desert Safari due to the charming view that shows the culture of Dubai very well. We provide a list of the different beautiful deserts in the world. You have to need to visit there and enjoy the luxury of the desert.

List of the top desert safari destinations in the world

The desert provides a natural view of the land. The list includes the following destinations:
The Arab Desert
In the whole world, the desert that is on the top list is Arabian Desert safari. Fortunately, when you visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the place that attracts you most is the desert safari. You can enjoy the full spectrum and adventure here. You can enjoy different things like dune bashing, camel riding, Desert safari photography, 3 Live Dances show, Fire show, Belly dance show, Henna painting, and Tanura dance, etc. you can also spend the night on the camps or hotels available at the desert place. The Arabian style food after the evening gives you yummy taste. Also, the morning desert safari is a wonderful view for visitors. Between April and October, you can enjoy the trip of desert safari because in those months the weather is normally not too hot.

In the Desert Safari Dubai & Abu Dhabi have different theme parks, hotels, huge shopping malls, the gold market, and many things.

Cairo, Egypt (Sahara desert)

The Sahara is the best and the top list desert of Egypt. It covers the large area of Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Nigerian, Western, Mauritania, Sahara, Tunisia, and Sudan. It covers a large area such that 9 million square kilometers. 

The best month to select for visitors due to temperature is the March and October. Because in those days the temperature is below 35 degrees Celsius. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, that offers the best desert safari trip like Black desert safari and white desert safari. You can also enjoy overnight entertainment. Use the camel riding or the 4 wheel vehicle to move on the desert. The “Giza” and the “Sphinx” are the most wonderful places in Cairo that show the thrilling and adventure of this city. 

Jaisalmer Rajasthan India

In India, the most amazing & wonderful desert is the Jaisalmer Rajasthan. It’s one of the most famous places that attract the tourist more. The desert is located in the western Rajasthan region Amid Thar desert. It’s the administrative headquarter of the district in India. The distance from the major cities to the Jaisalmer is

  • Delhi-864 Kilometers
  • Ahmedabad-626 Kilometers
  • Jaipur-558 Kilometers
  • Mumbai-1177 Kilometers
  • Jodhpur- 300 Kilometers 

Jaisalmer Rajasthan India

It located on the Thar Desert and the border of India and Pakistan is straddle it. The joyful moments are from October to March because the weather is so pleasant at this time. By train, road and by air, this area is connected with major cities. There are many people come every year to enjoy the wonderful desert of India. They enjoy the camel riding, dune bashing, cultural shows, and the other entertainment shows. Camps of the desert also provides a charming view.  

Muscat, Oman Desert

Oman is situated in Southwest Asia. It boarding the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea, and the Persian Gulf between the UAE and Yemen. Oman covers the total area of 309,500 km square. 

Due to the sandy landscape and the pictorial area, the Oman desert is famous now. Like the other destinations of desert safari, you should also avoid coming in the summer months because of the hot weather. The camel riding and the dune bashing are the most interesting adventures in the desert of Oman. You can also stay here due to the luxury and comfortable camps. They also provide yummy food with the culture of Oman. 

Also, the Wahhabi desert is best for tourism due to its charming view. The tourist can give great experience during the journey of the desert. 

The Nevada, USA desert

The “Black Rock” desert is the famous place that is in the state of Nevada USA. The place is famous for the tourist best place to enjoy the desert safari tours. Nevada is the state of USA, boarded by northwest Idaho to the northwest area, the wet area in California, the southeast area in Arizona and Utah is in the east. It is called the “Silver City” due to the importance of silver in the economy of Nevada. 

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The best destination for the tours who want to enjoy the desert safari trip. You can plan the tour according to the weather because if the weather is pleasant than you enjoy it a lot here. Between August to October and march to May, you can enjoy it here. The most beautiful and the luxury place of the world, where you feel calm with your family. You can also enjoy the calico and the Jackson Mountain because of the beautiful view. Don’t forget to visit the geothermal test is conducted in the Fly Geyser place. 

Desert safari Abu Dhabi  

The Desert Safari is a wonderful place that is stretched across in the border of the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and Oman. From the destination of Abu Dhabi, a desert safari is a wonderful and attractive place for you. More than thousands of visitors are come in every year in this wonderful place. The Desert Safari Abu Dhabi includes the different cultural views like camel riding, dune bashing, ATV Quad biking, Henna painting, Hubbly Bubbly Shisha and the BBQ dinner with the tea. 

You can also capture the best moment of desert safari with the Arabian style dressing that is available on the desert as rent. In the evening desert safari, the sightseeing areas are looking beautiful with the dim light of the sun. You can also enjoy the other places from the Abu Dhabi destination is:

  • Sheikh Zahid mosque
  • Abu Dhabi Corniche
  • Emirates Palace Hotel
  • The Residential palace
  • Ferrari world sightseeing
  • Heritage village visit
  • Marina mall 
  • Gold Market 

Desert Safari Sharjah

One of the most beautiful cities of UAE is Sharjah. It is famous due to the cultural view and business purposes. The third most popular city in the UAE is Sharjah. Under a survey of 2015, the population of this city is 1.4 million. The destination of Sharjah is best for the desert safari tour because, from this place, you have no difficulty with transport. You can move to the desert safari Sharjah easily with the local transport. You can enjoy the desert adventure like camel riding, Henna painting, dune bashing, Hubbly Bubbly, Arabian food with the tea or Qehwa, dates and the fresh air. 

From many countries, people come here to enjoy the vacations. Without the dune bashing and the thrilling activities, your tour of desert safari is incomplete. 

Kalahari Desert Africa

The most wonderful and gorgeous place for the tour in Africa. The large sandy savanna in southern Africa, it is spread 900,000 square kilometers. It covers the large area of South Africa and the Botswana part. As compared to other countries, it a wonderful place where the visitors easily move. The top attraction point of this place is the African lion. You can find a lot of different kinds of animals. The Kalahari Desert provides the best destination for the tourist. 

The Outback, Australia desert

Australia is famous for the lush green area of the world. The desert of Australia is like the dry land part. In the country, the Great Victoria Desert is the largest desert. The government reserve the place of the desert for the wildlife. The greenery on the sides of the desert, attract the people more. Also, there are many shrubs around the desert. 

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You can enjoy the wonderful time in the desert of Australia with pleasant weather. 

Erg Chebbi Morocco Desert

The part of the Sahara desert is the Erg Chebbi desert. The amazing and wonderful experience, you can give during the visit to the desert safari. One of Morocco’s several areg is the Chebbi. The wind is blowing and the large dunes are formed on the sand. The dunes are rise up 150 meters from the Hamada rocks. Merzouga is the tourist center that is located on the western lee of dunes. You can see the beauty of the desert using the camel riding. Although the dunes are also available here people like camel riding. 


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