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Cathay Pacific Reopens the Pier Lounge in Hong Kong

After being closed for several months due to pandemic issues, the Cathay Pacific Pier Lounge in Hong Kong is finally reopening its doors to all. It is a great opportunity once again to unwind in the first-class service of the Pier Lounge.

The Pier Lounge is part of Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles loyalty program. You will find their first-class service welcoming and luxurious.

Why Was the Cathay Pacific Pier Lounge in Hong Kong Closed?

The Lounge was closed due to pandemic issues. The lounge business was also shrinking in Hong Kong. .

Although some flights returned to business in April with quarantine control, Cathay Pacific announced that their Pier Lounge in Hong Kong will remain closed.

We can guess that the quarantine-controlled travel through the airport was too complicated for the lounge business to handle.

But recently, Cathay Pacific has announced that they will be reopening the Pier Lounge in Hong Kong next week.

The reason for reopening the lounge is the Chinese government’s decision to split the airport into two sections. The decision also includes quarantine-free travel through the airport.

According to the Chinese government’s instructions, the Hong Kong airport will be divided into two sections. One section will be for international use and the other for domestic travel.

Gates 1 to 24 will be under the Domestic category. They will be marked as the green zone and will be used for flights to the China mainland. Passengers in the green zone will not see the Pier Lounge in business for now.

However, gates 24 to 71 passengers can visit the Pier Lounge and relax there. Gates24 to  71 are marked as the Orange zone. Passengers through these gates are of the international class, and the flights on these gates are under Cathay Pacific’s route. Passengers are also required to go through a quarantine period due to the COVID-19 zero eradication policy.

So the passengers in these gates can stay in the Pier Lounge during their quarantine period. There is no strict quarantine control on the individual level, so the passengers can freely enjoy their stay in the Pier Lounge.

Cathay Pacific: The Pier Lounge, Hong Kong

The Cathay Pacific: The Pier Lounge, Hong Kong, is a business class lounge that offers entry to those who are flying on Cathay Pacific or any Oneworld business class flights.

However, no guests are allowed with these tickets. If you want to have a guest in the Pier Lounge, you need to get a Marco Polo Diamond membership. You can then take  two guests with you.

The Marco Polo Diamond membership can be earned with a Cathay Pacific Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard

This card has its privileges. You will have guaranteed facilities, and you will be treated like a VIP.

You can earn Cathay Pacific Asia Miles points as well as Marco Polo Diamond membership points. These Asia Mile points can be later redeemed and used in Cathay Pacific and The Pier Lounge facilities.


The Pier Lounge in the Hong Kong airport is worth visiting if you’re after a lavish kind of experience.  in the Hong Kong airport. Standing beside it is the Pier, First Lounge. Unfortunately, there is no news about the opening of the Pier First Lounge in Hong Kong yet.

But you can still use the Pier Lounge if you are traveling through the Orange zone of the Hong Kong airport. If you plan to use the Pier lounge, be sure to have a Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard.



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