Best Time of the Year to Rent a Villa in St. John

Best time of the year to rent a villa in St. John

St John is one of the most sought after island of the Caribbean tourist places. Two-third of the Virgin Islands area is occupied by the National Park. That keeps most of the island protected from modern development.

For the visitors, on one hand, it is a great opportunity to enjoy the most natural environment of the island. On the other hand, for the very reason, they have to pay a high price for renting a villa.

Whether it is the Hills St John, Caneel Bay Resort, Coconut Coast Villas, or any other St John Villas, all of them charge a premium at St John.


What is the best time to rent a Villa in St John?

Well, it is possible to rent Villa at St John at highly affordable rates. For that, you will have to visit the place in the non-seasonal period when there are not so many tourists visiting the island.

And what is that period?

It’s from mid-Apr to mid-December. During this period you can rent otherwise high-cost Villas at much cheaper rates. So, most of the tourists who cannot afford the high costs of the Villas during the peak season wait until this period to tour this natural location.

Some tourists rent for the best Villas with big ocean views and magnificent pools, at their favorite locations. You get the best of St John at the most affordable costs during these 8 long months.

How to find a suitable villa at St John?

You can find your favorite villa in St John during this period even after you reach the destination. Besides, you can also find your choicest location online in the following way:

  • Go through the details of all featured Villas available in St John.
  • Look at the map to know the exact location of these Villas. Check how far these Villas located from the sightseeing points.
  • Select and book your favorite Villa.

What are the other benefits of visiting St John during this period?

Not only will you save a huge sum on the rentals but also many other items and activities. As most of the annual events, festivals, water sports, bars & restaurants are open even during this period, and they also offer heavy discounts, you save handsomely while visiting these places, as well.

Visitors can ride on kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, snorkel necessities, and so on at Honeymoon beach at the most affordable prices.

Final Words

So, you can also plan your visit to St John during mid-April to Mid-December and enjoy the natural surroundings without breaking your bank. 

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