The Best Hotel in Athens With Rooftop Garden| the Foundry Urban Luxury Suites

Hotel in Athens

If you are looking for the best hotel in Athens with rooftop, then the Foundry Urban Luxury Suites is the right place for you. This is the best rooftop garden in Athens from where you get to see the view of Acropolis. 

The Foundry Urban Luxury Suites is situated in the heart of Athens. The area is called Psirri, which happens to be a historic place. Other tourist spots like Acropolis, Monastiraki, Plaka, and Syntagma Square are located nearby. So this hotel happens to be located at the centre or heart of Athens, which is the most convenient location for tourists to visit. 

Since Athens is all about good views, good food, and cocktails, nothing can be better than the Foundry Urban Luxury Suites, the best hotel in Athens with a rooftop. You can have the best time of your life on the luxurious and eco-friendly rooftop with Foundry’s world-class hospitality and service.


The Rooftop Garden

The rooftop garden of the Foundry Urban Luxury Suites is the best place to be with your loved ones or even alone. You can enjoy the majestic view of Athens from here. The rooftop is eco-friendly as many plants and flowers are placed there. This will make you feel like you are close to nature and you can enjoy the fresh air. 

In this hotel in Athens you can have the best time of your life with your loved ones. The hotel’s roof does not only have a garden, but it also has a fine restaurant and a bar. Besides, the bar will provide you with some of the finest cocktails. However, don’t forget to try the delicious pizza here as pizza is tops the menu here.

The Foundry Urban Luxury Suites

The Foundry Urban Luxury Suites consist of 12 magnificent boutique suites. It is an amalgamation of industrial style and nature. The suites though inarguably modern, have not lost connection with nature. This hotel in Athens is very close to the rock of Acropolis and, as a result, has become the strategic point to start your daily tours. 

Made of all the luxurious and high-grade materials, it has the touch of both old and new. The finest quality of stone, marble, glass, wood, steel, etc., is being used for making these luxurious suites. The interiors are also a presentation of diverse aesthetics. The floors of all apartments are made up of hardwood which has given an earthy tone. Therefore, the interiors can be summed as very colorful yet grounded by earthy tones.

Light fixtures and iron frame window openings with gear-based mechanisms have added an avant-garde touch to the luxurious suites. Besides, the vintage furniture and bursts of hip wall tapestry have made it very contemporary yet elegant. 

You will not find these comforts and luxuries in any other hotels in Athens. The Foundry Urban Luxury Suites is the best, comforting, luxurious, and relaxing place, where you should not miss staying while visiting Athens. 

Some apartment suites can accommodate two people, while others can accommodate up to four people. Therefore, the Foundry Urban Luxury Suites happen to be both couple-friendly and family-friendly. While couples can have a romantic time, families can have quality family time.

The apartments are built so that neither a family nor a couple has to worry about privacy. The Foundry Urban Luxury Suites provide all their guests with acute privacy. 

Reasons why you should prefer the Foundry Urban Luxury Suites

While staying in the Foundry Urban Luxury Suites, you will enjoy myriad benefits besides comfort and luxury. Your stay will be worth every penny here at Foundry Urban Luxury Suites. 

However, here are some other benefits of staying at this majestic hotel in Athens.

  • The most amazing benefit of booking your stay at Foundry Urban Luxury Suites is that it has a roof garden with a restaurant and a bar from where you can see the most beautiful view of Athens. You can enjoy the view with the company of the finest delicacies and cocktails. 
  • The luxury suites are not ordinary or regular type. They are modern, comforting, and luxurious at the same time. The suites are luxurious because it is well furnished and has mind-blowing interiors, and similarly, they are comforting because it has a homely aura where you have a built-in kitchenette, dining space, and living room. Besides, beautiful indoor plants are placed inside these suites. This gives the guests a luxurious experience with the comfort of home.
  • The best thing about this hotel in Athens with a rooftop is that you can book the suites directly from the website at the most affordable rates. So you don’t need to download booking apps or run to booking agents as doing that will cost you too much. 
  • You don’t have to worry about bad internet connection or other network issues while staying here, as the hotel provides free Wi-Fi throughout the whole property.
  • You don’t need to go out of the hotel to buy drinks or food, as the suites have a built-in kitchenette and as well as there is a rooftop restaurant and bar. So you can visit anywhere outside and return to the hotel and enjoy a luxurious lunch or dinner date with your loved ones.

Final Takeaway

  • So, if you are planning to visit Athens, make sure you stay at the Foundry Urban Luxury Suites. Besides, you will also get world-class hospitality while staying in this hotel which you hardly find in other hotels; as it is very eco-friendly, and there is no way you will feel disconnected from nature while staying here. Instead, you will feel close to nature as never before.

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