Ten Exciting Activities to Try When Travelling in New Jersey

Travelling in New Jersey

New Jersey has arguably been highly overlooked as a travel destination. This could be due to being surrounded by highly famous neighbors like Connecticut and New York.

However, the garden state has charm, excitement, and a lot of beauty to offer. From world class casinos to white pebbled beaches, historic landmarks and a pastoral countryside. 

So, here are some exciting activities to try when traveling in New Jersey.


1.Become one with nature at the Island Beach State Park

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay, the Island Beach State Park is a beautiful 3000 acre island that stretches across 10 miles. 

A paradise for adventure connoisseurs and nature lovers, the island is ideal for various outdoor activities including boating, bird watching, crabbing, fishing, and waterfowl hunting. 

For a more active lifestyle, the beach is ideal for swimming, and with 8 hiking trails, you will be more than spoilt for choice.  

For plant lovers, make a point to visit the Emily DeCamp Herbarium to learn more about the over 400 plants that have been classified and preserved. 

New Jersey is ripe with something for every nature and outdoor lover. 

2.Visit the Six Flags Great Adventures

Located in Jackson County, Six Flags Great Adventure is a theme park offering fun experiences to visitors of all ages.

From live shows to shopping, restaurants and rides, Six Flags has got something for everyone. 

Adrenaline junkies will be especially interested in the thrill rides and a chance to try some of the fastest, heart stopping rides in the country. 

There is a treat for animal lovers as well. The Safari Park boasts over 1200 animals from six continents, housed in a 351 acre preserve. For the young (and the young at heart), visit Bugs Bunny Land for some special memory making moments.

Be sure to check out the events calendar to catch seasonal events.

3.Discover the charm of Cape May

Located on the southern tip of the Cape May Peninsula, this charming resort town is nestled where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic.

Cape May has a lot to offer for all ages. Attractive and trendy resorts and B&Bs, charming Victorian homes, and a historic lighthouse. 

Cape May has some of the most spectacular and finest white sandy beaches on the East Coast. Incredibly clean and safe, these beaches provide exquisite, hassle free, and memorable experiences. Enjoy water activities like surfing, sunbathing, beach picnic, sandcastle building at the South Queen, Surfing Beach, the Cove, and Poverty Beach.

For the foodies, be sure to catch Cape May Restaurant Week happening every June. Should you miss this early summer event, you can catch the Cape May Restaurant Weekend. A four-day fall event.

For a full list of all the happenings in Cape May, be sure to check out the Cape May events calendar here

4.Discover out the Turtle Back Zoo

Situated on an alluring and picturesque 15 acres in West Orange, Essex County,Turtle Back Zoo offers an unforgettable experience, especially for kids.

Turtle Back Zoo boasts over 200 species of wildlife and 800 animals and has been delighting visitors since 1963.

Other attractions include mini-golf, dinosaur playground, face painting, boating, a butterfly tent, pony rides, and an aviary. 

The zoo got its name from the rock formation around the park that resembles turtles’ backs. However, you can help save the turtles by visiting the Sea Turtle exhibit. Additionally, you can support their work of rehabilitating injured turtles by making a donation to the Sea Turtle Recovery Center.

A day spent at Turtle Back Zoo provides a lifetime of memories.

5.Cruise around the Boardwalk/Atlantic City

Historically speaking, Atlantic City is a favorite playground for adults with its exciting and wild nightlife, bars, and casinos. It’s an epicenter of tourist shops, local culture, live entertainment, and all hours’ fun.

Although the city provides adults with lots of fun, it also has numerous attractions for children like play parks, museums, and snack stands.

Walk/ride along the four miles Boardwalk, America’s longest and oldest boardwalk. Head over for relaxation at the Steel Pier and enjoy stunning views of the sea. 

While in Atlantic City, do not miss out on the world famous Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum!

To check out all the happenings along the Atlantic City Boardwalk, check out their events calendar here.

6.Visit the Liberty State Park

With breathtaking views of Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and the New York skyline, a day at Liberty State Park offers visitors an inexpensive and tranquil day-out. 

Established in 1976 and with over 1,200 acres of majestic views, the park is the perfect picnic joint with friends and family. Be sure to carry some fun items to enjoy on the vast and expansive lush green lawns. A Frisbee, music, a ball, will add to the experience. 

Additionally, pay your respect and by visiting the nearby Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial Park. Take a tour on the eco kayak located at the park’s south side or do birUSS New Jerseyd watching and local wildlife spotting for an exciting adventure.

For a map of the park and all it has to offer, you can visit the website here

7.See America’s Celebrated Battleship, USS New Jersey

This most famous battleship is moored at the Delaware River, and was launched in December 1942. 

The battleship has a length of three football fields combined and is eleven stories high. It successfully served during World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, the cold war, and conflicts in the Middle East. It was decommissioned in February 1991.

In 2000, the battleship was converted into an educational, floating museum and offers daily guided tours. You can also enjoy an overnight stay.

To learn more about the USS New Jersey tours here

8.Explore the Adventure Aquarium

Since the Adventure Aquarium opened its doors in 2005, it has provided loads of exciting and fun things. Home to around 15,000 animals, the aquarium allows you to spot sea turtles, sharks, penguins, and Nile hippos, and more. 

Head over to the Shark Tunnel and be captivated by these striking ocean predators. Have hippo and sea turtle encounters. After that, head over to the touch tank for a closer encounter with the fishes. 

Besides enjoying the stunning animals, the aquarium also offers different interactive exhibits. 

Check out everything the Adventure Aquarium offers here.

9.Discover the Duke Farms

For an up close and personal encounter with New Jersey’s native landscape, Duke Farms is a must visit.

With over 1000 acres of woodland and lush spaces, Duke Farms is a great way to  explore the outdoors and get some fresh air. With guided trails to jog, bike, or walk, you can explore the Duke farm the way it suits you. 

Additionally, Duke Farms boasts some marvelous and magnificent sights, including an orchid range, platinum, a lake system, a hay barn, and more. 

Check out all that Duke Farms has to offer here.

10.Bask at New Jersey Beaches

Soft pebbles and white sand make New Jersey beaches some of the best summer holiday destinations. 

Aligned with the Atlantic ocean coastline, the Garden State beaches offer beautiful sights up and down the New Jersey shore.

Regardless of your tour destination in NJ, you are sure of enjoying the alluring white-sandy beaches. Many NJ beach towns have old-timey boardwalks with charming attractions like rides, arcades, snack stands, and restaurants, not forgetting the NJ novelties like Italian ice and funnel cakes.

Check out the famed Seaside Height beach, or head over to the smaller beach towns for a quieter beach experience.

But regardless of the beach, the Jersey shores offer clean, gorgeous and safe places to unwind.

Are you ready to visit New Jersey?

New Jersey is often underrated, but its charm is unsurpassed. With a great variety of destinations and attractions galore, there is sure to be something for families, couples, groups, and solo travelers. So pack your bags and head on over to New Jersey.

Author: Purity Rita

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