Find Your Holiday Beach Resort In Europe And Enjoy

Find Your Holiday Beach Resort In Europe And Enjoy

Beaches are a calming and stress relieving destination to explore. If you plan to experience the best tropical vacations on this planet, do not skip a single holiday beach resort in Europe. As per Statista, it is the global leader in international tourism for a long time.

Its vital role in the worldwide travel industry is visible through its direct contribution to the European economy. Therefore, this continent makes a wonderful spot for enjoying summer holidays with family, friends, and your lover. Look through its tranquil beaches and plan your vacation firmly.

Discover its enchanting beach spots in Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, and a lot more on the list.


Mykonos, Greece

Without a doubt, Mykonos is popular among celebrities and has enormous reasons to justify the fact. If you demand a thrilling nightlife during your holiday, then it is the right spot for you. Adventurers love to boost up their energies at the night clubs here and enjoy dancing around.

Greece is a stunning destination to explore beaches. Couples adore the sight of Paradise Beach and prefer spending their romantic vacations here. Similarly, Ornos Beach is the holiday beach resort for travel lovers with families.

Rab, Croatia

Sandy beaches have a charm water lovers can never get over with. Henceforth, exploring the beauty of Croatia gets high if you visit the tiny exciting Rab Island. It has around twenty golden brown beaches that make it favourite for a lot of tourists.

Here, you can engage in the sightseeing beauty of Paradise Beach with your travel partners. Every age group can make the most of their holidays at this beach. Value your time and parasail here with your partner. Also, it offers you an enticing area to play beach volleyball with family.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are the most romantic spots for planning a Spain honeymoon. However, you can also explore it with your family as Lanzarote has much more than a vibrant nightlife and picturesque beaches. For families, the Playa Blanca holiday beach resort destination is worth a holiday plan.

Here, you can quickly travel to the Playa de Papagayo beach and enjoy the view of volcanic rocks. Also, this beach is popular for its golden curves among all the others within the islands. Adore the seamless sight of its calming luxurious sand while you embrace the beach with savouring cuisines nearby.

Tropea, Italy

Adventure lovers can always feel complete with the breathtaking views of cliffs at this spot. You can always adore the soothing view of attractive turquoise waters here at Tropea. The place supports scuba diving and also provides an excellent area of clear beaches for enjoying the sunset.

Visitors love the seafood here and cannot get over with its classic Italian cuisine. Also, it is renowned for its local red onions as they are a must-try for holidaymakers. It’s two and a half miles of the stunning white beaches rank it as an eye-catching holiday beach resort for tourists.

Algarve, Portugal

Exploring Algarve is an adventure you will love if your destination is the mesmerising town of Carvoeiro. Aside from the stunning scenery, its Praia de Carvoeiro beach makes it a perfect holiday resort for holidaymakers. You can enjoy sea kayaking at its inspiring routes and thrilling coasts with your partners.

One of the most memorable ways to revel your vacation here is by exploring the island through a boat tour. View its striking Grutas de Benagil sea caves and boost up the fun by adding a dolphin watch tour to your plan.

Menorca, Spain

The beautiful country of Spain offers you the most stunning beaches of Europe with tranquil crystal waters. Planning a holiday here provides an exciting adventure at the Cala Mitjana beach as well as the Cala Mitjaneta beach. Do not confuse between the two and enjoy your vacation.

Mitjana is a romantic gateway for enticing couples with its soothing waters and calming sight. You can love the fine sand here and make the most of your camera quickly. On the other hand, Mitjaneta offers an enchanting view for solo travellers. It is a quiet and beautiful holiday beach resort.

Final Thoughts

According to the European Tourism Trends Report of 2019, Europe has five of the top ten most popular travel destinations on the planet. While France is the most visited spot with around 83 million annual tourists, its least visited one is San Marito, with 60 thousand yearly visitors. 

The most stunning holiday beach resorts in Europe cover Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, and more to go. The Balkan Holidays discount codes are a fantastic way to explore these destinations on your vacation. Enjoy the never-ending hours of sunshine and the golden brown sand here during summers.

Walk at the most beautiful beaches now and capture the best moments as you go!

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