What Makes a Great Airbnb Basement?

Great Airbnb Basement

Basements are a great selling point for an Airbnb. Whether the homeowner chooses to rent out the basement as its own little living space or the homeowner just highlights it as a great part of the whole-home experience, there’s no denying that it can add some flair to an Airbnb. What are the keys to a great Airbnb basement? With these cool Airbnb basements as a guide, here are a few things to keep in mind, especially if you’re trying to create your own.


1. Great Color Choices

Many of the great basements on Airbnb are so great because they made bold color choices. Yellows, reds, and blues often abound in these basements. Remember, you don’t have to steer away from color to create a gorgeous space that many people will enjoy. Use color boldly to ensure your guests can appreciate the design aesthetic you’re going for.

2. A Design That Looks Modern, But Timeless

It’s typically best to avoid any design choices that you think might feel gimmicky. If you’re thinking about renting on Airbnb, you’re probably going to be doing it for some time. You don’t want to have to redecorate every few years. Choose decorations that feel timeless. Retro and boho styles have both become popular, as they’ll retain that retro charm forever.

3. Either Finished Structures or Intentionally Unfinished Elements

When you’re using a basement just for your home use, it’s much more acceptable to have a completely unfinished basement. However, when you’re renting it out with Airbnb, you need to make sure you’re either committing to a fully finished basement or elements that are intentionally unfinished. An unfinished brick wall accent is beautiful; a brick wall that looks incomplete isn’t.

4. Excellent Use of the Space

Most basements are pretty small. To make sure Airbnb guests are comfortable, most Airbnb owners utilize furniture and other products that make extremely good use of the space. For example, the owners may use a fold-out couch to allow an additional space to sleep. Comfortable futons are another option that can be very effective for Airbnb owners.

5. Something That Makes the Space Look Lived-In

One of the main reasons that people opt for an Airbnb over a hotel is because they like the lived-in look. There’s something charming in the fact that someone actually lives in an area. There’s also something beautiful in the fact that a real human designed this space to their preferred specifications. If you’re hoping to attract people to your Airbnb basement, you want to make sure you’re providing a reason for people to choose you over a local hotel, and a lived-in look is perfect for that.


Airbnb basements can succeed for a variety of reasons. However, if you’re looking to start an Airbnb basement yourself, you need to make sure that you’re thinking about attracting customers. Take these guidelines into consideration. They can help you create an Airbnb basement apartment that will invite people into the space.

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