What Can a Travel Credit Card Do for You?

Travel Credit Card

If you’re looking into methods of getting a better price on your traveling purchases, chances are that you’ve seen a travel credit card recommended more than once. However, you might not really know the benefits of a travel credit card. Here are a few of the benefits that you may be able to achieve when you have a travel credit card.


1. Cashback on Your Travel Purchases

This is typically the biggest thing that travel credit cards advertise. When you use a travel credit card, more often than not, you’ll get a significant amount of cashback on your travel purchases. For example, if you get a credit card for a air travel company, you may get a significant percentage back on all flights that you book with your card.

2. Cashback on All Other Purchases

Most of the time, travel credit cards also function as regular credit cards. That means when you make purchases outside of the travel company that issued the card, you can get cashback as well. Typically, certain categories associated with travel, like restaurants, give you more of a percentage back than other categories.

3. Extra Benefits on Every Trip

For many travel companies, just being a cardholder means that you’re entitled to certain extra benefits that you may not be able to get in any other way. That may include fee waivers, extra checked baggage available for free, and more. These extra benefits can help you have a better experience without spending extra money, which is always a great way to save.

4. Better Customer Service

At many travel companies, you can get access to a VIP customer service line as a cardholder. Although this isn’t available at all travel companies, it’s common enough that you might be able to look for it on the travel company’s website that you’re interested in. If you do see this option, make sure you call the gold customer service line or do whatever else is necessary to utilize it, as it’s not always available by default.

5. Sign-On Bonus

It’s extremely common to see a special sign-on bonus for credit cards, and this is also true for travel credit cards. Travel credit cards may offer hundreds of dollars’ worth of sign-on bonuses, which can be the difference between getting to travel and not getting to travel. If you’re looking for a useful way to save money on your next trips, check for the best sign-on bonus with a Travel credit card, as it can help you make sure you’re getting a truly stellar introductory deal.


These are only some of the benefits that you might experience with a travel credit card. Different credit card issuers are as individual as any other company. Your best option is always to check the exact terms and conditions of the card you’re interested in signing up for. However, with this starting guide, you can understand why you might want to apply for a travel credit card in the first place.

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