Top 5 Motorcycle Road Trip Destination in Texas

Top 5 Motorcycle Road Trip Destination in Texas

The Texas state is also known by its infamous name of “the Lonestar state”. Texas state has a rich history and culture of classical and vintage motorbikes and is a state where bike riders feel right at home. 

Long open roads,  with perfect countryside greenery and scenic highways, makes Texas one of the perfect states for motorcycle riders. The green grass and fresh air of the Amarillo region and the wide desert plains located at the top sides of Texas are enjoyed by both dirt bikers and impassioned motorcycle riders. The feeling of going through the deep east mountains and hill country areas on your motorbike will definitely make your trips most memorable.  

Texas roads are one of those roads that people sitting in the cars cannot enjoy. To properly enjoy the sceneries, landscapes and to feel the fresh air one must explore Texas state areas while traveling on a motorbike. There are a huge amount of passionate bike riders who travel across many states to come to the state of Lonestar Texas to experience its beauty. If you are thinking of traveling to Texas on your motorbike or are new to the state of Texas here are the top 5 places that you can visit right now on your motorbike. 


1- Twisted sisters (aka the 100-mile loop) 

If you want to truly experience the scenery and beauty of Texas while riding on your bike head over to the northwest area of San Antonio about 100 miles in you will see the wide-open roads filled with fresh country airs. While you are exploring the area it will be a perfect opportunity to visit the rustic breathtaking areas in old Texas Leakey Town. The leaky town is famous for its quick twisting and turning roads that go through several hills and canyons. Texas is not only famous for its rich bikers’ history and culture but it is also famous for its old country style vintage biker’s attire. If you are heading down to Texas on your motorcycle and do not have the appropriate cultural attire be sure to get a traditional style Viking Cycle Motorcycle vest to blend in with the locals. 

2- Guadalupe River Road

What can be more relaxing than going through the open breeze of the fresh river while riding your motorcycle? The low bridges of Guadalupe Texas River allow riders to experience the full beauty of the Guadalupe area as it has both soft and sharp road turns. However, one thing to watch out for in this region is that of your speed. Due to immediate and unexpected sharp turns, this area can be a bit dangerous for rookie motorcycle riders. Also, this area is highly prone to flood during rainy seasons. If you still decide to visit this area make sure you are equipped with Viking Cycle’s motorcycle rain gear to tackle the weather in case if it begins to rain.

3- Bend Region 

This region of Texas is country (rural) in the true sense you will see no city or town lights when the night falls. A lot of bikers come to this area of Texas because of its night time beauty. You can see a clear sky with bright stars and will allow you to experience the true beauty of stargazing. For the first-timers, it is advised that you start your trip from the area of Alpine and move south via highway 118. The highway is clean and does not have any traffic signals or stop signs. You can easily reach 100Km/ hour speed on this highway. In the area, one major attraction is Big Ben’s resort that you can find by heading in the west direction you will not miss it as it is located near the Mexican Border and is covered in high mountains.

4- Willow City Loop

Willow City is a small country town located in the outside area of Fredricksburg in Central Texas. This area is nothing short of a joy ride for motorcycle riders. This small town have a 20-mile long road loop that is surrounded by nature. Beautiful green hills, fresh smell, and landscape of wildflowers can make your day while going through this area. 

This small town is also known for its hospitality towards the outsiders. You can find a lot of motorcycle bars in the small town that share the same passion for motorcycle riding as you. It is advised to have a solid sight on the road while traveling through this area as it lies in the belly of nature many wild animals and cattle sometimes cross the roads so watch the road carefully. 

 5- The Possum Kingdom Lake Ride

Last in our best Texas motorcycle road trip destinations is the Possum Kindom Lake ride. You can visit this area by traveling 60 miles of Dallas in the west direction. This area is famous for its beautiful cliff landscapes, mountain views, and lakes. Furthermore, the roads are straight and twisted to make the ride more enjoyable. In this area make sure you carry a map or a GPS device because a lot of twisted roads can get you lost. 

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