Top 3 Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gyms in the World

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a widely popular form of martial arts that is now available all over the globe. Thousands upon thousands of fitness centers and health gurus teach the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or in short BJJ. 

BJJ has a wide range of benefits and uses and has multiple disciplines which include self-defense, military training, gi, and no-gi BJJ. All of these different disciplines teach a variety of different techniques and fighting arts to the athletes. Due to the bundle of health benefits that BJJ offers it has gained a very respectable reputation. Nowadays women and young kids are especially encouraged by fitness experts to take part in sports and health activities like BJJ. 

While a countless amount of fitness centers and fighting academies offer to teach the arts of BJJ it might be a bit of a challenge for you to discover the very best fitness centers or gyms that offer the teachings of BJJ. Some of you might be interested in becoming a professional BJJ fighter and want to learn from the very best. Or maybe you just simply want to gain knowledge either way here are our pick of the top 3 BJJ training gyms globally. 


Our ranking process 

Before we dig into our top 3 ranked BJJ gyms. We want to take out the time to inform you on which basis we have given the ranks to the gyms. To being, it is important to ask what aspects make a gym ‘the best’? It is not the discounted fee or air conditioning that should impress you, rather it is the instructors, gym environment, and the other gym trainees that are the aspects of evaluation. 

Best instructors mean that you gain knowledge from the very experienced professionals who understand your individual weaknesses and strengths and work together with you to overcome them. While Gym environment enables you to feel comfortable with all the equipment and accessories available for your use. Lastly, the people you train with can seriously impact your learning or can increase your motivation to achieve your desired goals. A healthy environment with a lot of people to support can truly push you to give your best at every training session or class regime. Now that we have laid out the foundations on which we have ranked our top 5 BJJ training gyms lets get to know who they are. 

Number 1: Marcelo Garcia Jiu-Jitsu Academy – New York City, United States

Located in the heart of New York City, the Marcelo Garcia Jiu-Jitsu Academy is one of the best yet vastly under-discovered BJJ training school. It is on our top 1st position because of its insanely experienced and supportive coaches who will train you and teach you like a kid of their own. And the environment is nothing less of extremely relaxable while learning roams the air. There are no logos or signs on the building due to which most people do not know about this BJJ training school. 

Rating Breakdown:
Instructors: 9.6/10
Training Partners: 10/10
Gym Environment: 9.1/10

2- Alliance Jiu-Jitsu – São Paulo, Brazil

What can be more good other than from learning BJJ where it originated. Yes, we are talking about Brazil. Alliance Jiu-Jitsu located in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a historical place for learning BJJ that has been around for decades. The real BJJ art with all forms of the gi and no-gi training are taught in this gym. Marcelo Garcia a famous professional BJJ submission specialist actually trained in this very training center. Its excellent Brazilian fighting history and experienced trainers topped up with worldwide branches and partners make it one of the best training gyms for becoming a BJJ master. 

Rating breakdown: 

Instructors: 10/10

Training Partners: 10/10

Gym Environment: 9.5/10

3-  Art of Jiu-Jitsu Academy – Costa Mesa, California, United States

Mendes Brothers and RVCA founder Pm Tenore who are both renowned BJJ world champions worked together to found AOJ or Art of Kiu-Jitsu training center in 2012. Both champions share the same passion regarding BJJ and aim towards extending the teaching of this martial arts form due to the health and fitness benefits it offers. Their training center aims towards providing constructive information on individual levels to help others reach the true potential of their capabilities. AOJ has respect for other sports and fighting arts but offers only BJJ training. 

Rating Breakdown: 

Instructors: 10/10

Training Partners: 8.5/10

Gym Environment: 10/10

Here is our review of the top 3 BJJ training gyms or fitness centers in the whole world. You can get quality BJJ training from many gyms or training centers that may be near to your area of residence. It is not necessary to travel to different countries to get BJJ training unless you want to start a career in this sport. If your goal is to avail health and fitness benefits that BJJ has to offer than consider any quality BJJ training programs that are being offered by fitness experts in your nearest location. 

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