The Top 8 Destination Wedding Locations of All Time

Wedding Locations

Wedding planning is one thing, but planning a destination wedding is an entirely different beast. 

While planning a destination wedding may involve a few extra steps, the overall experience will definitely be worth your while!


Planning A Destination Wedding

Escape from your everyday life with a once-in-a-lifetime trip with your future spouse and closest friends and family members. 

Choosing a destination wedding can create a more intimate ceremony as you share a memorable experience with those nearest and dearest to you. 

As you prepare for your destination wedding, try to solidify your plans well in advance. 

Planning out the details of your ideal wedding day in a remote location will require some extra time and forethought for travel accommodations.

You should notify your guest list around one year in advance so they have plenty of time to plan out their travels accordingly. 

Aspects like booking transportation, hotel accommodations, and acquiring passports will all take time.

Throughout your planning process, it’ll be important to keep your guest list notified with any updates that come up along the way. 

As a fun way to keep your planning process and trip organized, many couples decide to create their own wedding hashtags.

Having a personalized wedding hashtag and wedding website can help you and your guests stay organized and keep everyone up to date on the latest destination wedding details. 

Plus, once your big day arrives, you and your wedding guests can easily share your favorite memories from the ceremony and trip by using your one-of-a-kind hashtag.

Ultimately, destination weddings make for excellent getaways and the perfect place to start your new adventure together as newlyweds. Perhaps you’re choosing to tie the knot at your favorite vacation spot. 

Or you and your partner are selecting a dreamy location you’ve never been to before. 

Either way, if you’re looking for inspiration, here are the top eight destination wedding locations for you and your future spouse to begin your forever. 

Top 8 Destination Wedding Locations


If a tropical beach wedding has always sounded appealing, then having your destination wedding in the Caribbean is difficult to beat. 

Escape into paradise as you say your vows with crystal clear water as your backdrop and white sand under your feet. 

Caribbean destination weddings are at their peak in the winter months as the weather is ideal around this time. 

This also makes them more expensive during this season, so be sure to account for your wedding budget and select the date and island that works best for your vision.


One Caribbean island in particular that’s a fan-favorite for engaged couples would be Jamaica. 

Montenegro Bay is one of the most popular Jamaican destinations as this beautiful coastal city has a plethora of resorts to enjoy.

Jamaica offers a picturesque paradise that’s sure to make your wedding day feel magical. 

Plus, the best part of having a destination wedding is being able to explore a unique location for your honeymoon as well. 

Jamaica’s beautiful coastline and lush rainforests makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations for couples eager to explore a tropical island.

3.Lake Como, Italy

Located in Northern Italy, near the border of Switzerland, Lake Como is a gorgeous destination for your nuptials. 

With a lakeside view and the Alps surrounding the scene, every angle will be breathtaking. 

Due to its beautiful scenery, Lake Como is full of incredible venue spaces to make your dream lakeside wedding a reality. 

You may even wish to explore the lake some more with a boat rental for your wedding reception or as a honeymoon excursion.

4.The Bahamas

Those who love to travel likely know all about the alluring qualities of a tropical stay in the Bahamas. 

Not only are the well-known pink and white sandy beaches a prime reason to visit, but the fun excursions such as swimming with pigs, dancing with dolphins, and exploring the island’s nightlife make it even more enticing.

If a tropical adventure is what you seek, you and your partner will love a destination wedding in the Bahamas.

It’s a beautiful location to tie the knot and further explore.

5.Puerto Rico

Another option for a dreamy island wedding would be Puerto Rico. 

Choose between an outdoor celebration by the ocean or even head inland for the island’s historic architecture or for a tropical rainforest setting.

Puerto Rico truly has a venue for couples of all tastes.

Escape to the island and discover your own little piece of paradise as you explore everything Puerto Rico has to offer.

6.Joshua Tree, California

Perhaps water features don’t pique your interest. 

Fear not, because there are plenty of other lovely scenic locations for you, too. 

Take Joshua Tree for example. This iconic desert landscape is sure to impress with its uniquely shaped greenery. 

Its setting lends itself perfectly to a boho wedding theme. 

Once you celebrate your big day, the rest of your trip or honeymoon can include hiking through the beautiful National Parks in the surrounding area, testing your luck in Las Vegas, or exploring the many tourist attractions in Los Angeles. 


For a luxurious island escape, let the island of Barbados be your ultimate destination. 

This eastern Caribbean island is mainly surrounded by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and features white sandy beaches, rocky caves, and botanical gardens.

Aside from the breathtaking views and tropical landscape, Barbados is also an ideal destination wedding location due to its prime weather conditions. 

Temperatures are typically in the 70s and 80s all year round and the island rarely is affected by hurricane season, making your outdoor celebration easier to plan.

There are adventures all around!

8.Cozumel, Mexico

The island of Cozumel is located off the eastern tip of Mexico. 

This tropical paradise is a popular cruise stop, vacation spot, and wedding destination. 

Cozumel is home to many lovely oceanside resorts that offer all-inclusive wedding packages to help make your destination wedding a seamless experience.

When it comes to excursions and activities, Cozumel is known for its reefs, underwater caverns, scuba diving, and sea creatures. 

If you’re looking to celebrate your big day on an island bursting with beauty, life, and adventure then you’ve found the perfect destination!

Let The Adventure Begin!

With these fabulous destination wedding locations in mind, we hope you and your partner are beginning to imagine the various possibilities when it comes to the remote wedding of your dreams. 

Immerse yourself within the landscape, architecture, and culture of these various countries and islands. 

Ultimately, the location of your wedding will be a grand symbol of where your adventure as newlyweds first began. 

Start your journey together with an incredibly memorable experience by celebrating in a picturesque location full of new activities.

Start booking your venue and accommodations then let the magic begin. 

Happy traveling!

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