How to Craft the Best Getaway Weekend

Best Getaway

There are so many great places to visit, and using built-up vacation time that expires before the end of the year is a great way to travel and see new homes, especially for those who experience colder winters with ice and snow. Sharing a new city over the course of a couple of days is an ideal way to wind down the fiscal year.

Of course, there are a lot of stressors and anxiety around traveling. Easy ways to do that is to use technology to find ways to escape them, whether that is playing the best online casinos, single-player games, party games, listening to music or podcasts, or a number of other things.

Before the trip, the best thing to do is to prepare for it early. Whether there is an event sparking the destination or wanting to visit a new city for the first time, planning it out months in advance can save hundreds of dollars on flights, hotels, tickets, and more. It’s general market planning where the closer to an event, the lesser the availability to get there and experience things, so the prices get driven up.

Budgeting a long weekend is the perfect way to ensure one can see as much of a new city as one can. Knowing schedules, whether school breaks or holidays that create extended weekends, can also make shorter waiting times at museums or theme parks.

Here is a breakdown of how to craft the best getaway weekend.


Marquee event

Planning around a cornerstone event gives everyone something to look forward to. For the sports fan, it could be seeing their favorite team in a city for the first time. For concertgoers, it could be a show at a particular place, such as the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Red Rocks in Colorado, or the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Having a reason to visit a new city and planning it around a marquee event provides a climax and gives everyone in the traveling party a reason to go. It can create a core memory for that friend group, creating better chemistry among friends and strengthening those bonds.

Day of spontaneity

The best way to experience a new city is to explore. Leaving a day to do just that is a great way to see the typically unseen by tourists’ sides of a city. But taking it a step further and asking locals what the top places to visit or restaurants to eat at are can unlock the hidden gems that aren’t on the travel blogs, which are typically written by tourists.

Take the locals’ advice and formulate a plan, or check them off one by one and go where the wind takes you. Travelers will be surprised by what they experience when trusting those who live there, and it rarely results in disappointment.

Something for everyone

Most cities will have something that each person can pick out and enjoy. If traveling in a small party, have everybody pick out something they’d like to do as time allows. Perhaps someone finds a museum or presidential library they want to check out. Someone else may find an amusement park to channel their inner thrill. Another person may find a popular restaurant they want to check out.

Involving the entire travel party, or picking something each member of the family will enjoy, is a way to include everybody in the trip and ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.

Off the beaten path

For those who are taking their travels away from the popular cities, there is plenty extra to prepare for. Whether it is a camping trip, skiing, snowboarding on the slopes, or kayaking in the summertime, a road trip may be best to ensure the extra luggage gets there. Or fly and rent at the resort.

But be sure to pack sunscreen, bug spray, and other items to protect the skin. Those camping will need a variety of clothes to ensure being warm at night but relaxed during the day as everything will be dictated by temperature. Also, check the forecasts ahead of time.

Similarly, ensure everyone has something they’d like to do, whether hiking, camping, cooking, rafting, swimming, and more, to ensure everyone has a great trip.

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