Complete Guide on How to Get a Tourist Visa for Dubai

Complete Guide on How to Get a Tourist Visa for Dubai

Dubai is a dream destination for travelers. This place has a lot in its kitty for the tourists that come here every year. Its record-breaking architectural layout, deserts, and manmade islands are what that make Dubai the best place. The attraction sites and big-scale development of this country have made it to be at the top of every traveler’s list. However, there is a lot more to do before you travel to Dubai. Today in this article, we will be discussing how to get a visa for Dubai with ease and convenience.

Below are the nine most important steps to follow if they are interested in visiting Dubai.


Know About the Rules

If you wish to go on a vacation trip to Dubai, then be aware of all rules that you need to follow. For example, if you are a citizen of the US or 32 other countries that belong to the European Union, then there is no need of the pre-entry visa to enter Dubai. However, if you are not a citizen of the countries mentioned above, you need to get a tourist visa for Dubai. So, before planning things, check with your embassy that if you require a visa or not.

Obtain the Visa if you are a US citizen

Are you a US citizen with the US passport? If yes, then you can surely plan your trip to the United Arab Emirates. In these cases, remember certain points:

  • Passport should be valid for six or more months to ensure that it does not get expired till the time you are in Dubai. There is no need for a prior visa to get entry to UAE if your stay is for less than a month. 
  • There are few US citizens that have an entry stamp or visa for other countries on their passports can get a confirmed round trip ticket to Dubai.
  • If you wish to stay for a longer time, the visitor can get an extension from the UAE’s immigration office.

If not an US or EU Citizen

As discussed above, people from countries other than the US or EU needs to apply for a visa for Dubai. In such cases, either you can apply online or through local traveling agencies. But the first thing is to get all the documents gathered for a successful application. 

  • Get a scanned copy of the front and back page of your passport. If doing it online, then make sure that it in JPEG format. 
  • For all the applicants irrespective of their countries, they must have at least six months of their passport validity. If your passport gets expired before six months, then make sure that you get it renewed before applying to get the visa.
  • A passport size photo is a necessity for every applicant. The photograph that you get clicked should meet all the requirements. Ensure that it is taken against the white background, and you need to look at the camera. 
  • Always provide the authorities with a valid and functional email address. This is used by them to send your visa once the application process is completed.

Other Ways to Apply for the Visa

There are many other easy ways to apply for the visa other than the online visa providing services. We have listed some of them below:

  • One can apply with the help of a hotel or some travel agency. Before choosing such options, always ensure that the government authorizes their businesses. Their genuineness is very important as they can also loot you with lots of money.
  • The next vary famous method is applying with the help of airline services. However, one of the main problems with the airline visa is that you need to choose them for your flight services. Some of them are way too expensive, which can become inconvenient for an individual.
  • Applying to get the visa for Dubai through the sponsorship from family and friends is yet another option. This is a long time process for both you and the sponsor. You will need to send them a copy of the passport and immigration status. They will then visit the local immigration office of the UAE to start with the process.

But out of all these, online visa service is ideal, since they are trustworthy, available round the clock, and can also give you an option to look at their service quality.

Therefore, follow this small guide that can help you get a visa for Dubai. Emirates E-Visa is also such an online visa consultancy service provider that meets its client’s technical requirements. You can sit at your home and get a visa for your next trip very easily and comfort. Hope that helps!!!

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