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Hire a Luxury Yacht Charter in Greece

If you desire to visit Greece any time in your life, you should visit the Halkidiki, lovely yachting destination in Greece. Going for adventure and exploring something new is always a dream for many of us. Moreover, if you visit why should miss the chance to explore amazing adventure. If you expect something from a yacht charter in Greece, you will undoubtedly be surprised a lot, as you will be amazed thanks to unexpected twists. However, it is necessary that you devote time in this experience, if you want to enjoy these twists. It is highly recommended that visitors who desire to visit Greece should book tickets for the Halkidiki peninsula. The truth is that most of us are unaware of places like this. It is known to the minimum proportion of people. It looks like one of the well-kept secrets in the world of yachting.

Halkidiki peninsula lies completely next to Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. The three beautiful legs of the peninsula and the oblong bays which lie in between appear like home to most of the beautiful beaches with crystalline water. It is for sure that you might not have seen this kind of beauty in your whole life. Halkidiki is one of the famous destination places for holidays, primarily for people located in Nothern Greece. You will get amazed after seeing the beautiful resorts established on these beautiful beaches. Till now, most of us are unaware of the place. So, let’s learn more about that beautiful destination.

You would find sailing one of the best adventurous experiences that you can enjoy if you visit Halkidiki. If anyone trips there, then it’s guaranteed that he would have enjoyed a unique adventure that will pertain to his memories for a lifetime. Just go and try; these are the things that many people missed in their life because they were not aware of such places and experiences before. There is a topmost level of freedom; we can’t compare this feeling with anything else. For all your dream to get succeed successfully, our team is along with you. The team won’t let anything that you would miss. They will take care of all the things during your visit to Greece.

Kassandra and Sithonia: The First Two “Legs” Of the Peninsula

A beautiful place all over, with surroundings covered with pine forests and vineyards expanded endlessly across the beach. It is impossible that you visit the place and leave without getting amazed. Talking about the first two incredible legs of the peninsula, Kassandra and Sithonia, they look soo charming with their fantastic scenery view,thanks to all the picturesque villages such as Afytos. Most importantly, the resorts are designed in such an excellent way that creates a significant impression among the place’s visitors, while there are many private marinas where yachts can moor. Moreover, you can also involve yourself in various spas .

Mount Athos: The Third “Leg” Of the Peninsula

In Halkidiki, the most worth-visiting place of attraction is the third “leg” of the peninsula, Mount Athos. According to the Orthodox Christian world, the site is considered a Holy Mountain. The place is mainly occupied by a religious community of 20 monasteries. Many monasteries were founded many years ago, that’s why Mount Athos is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Monuments.. Women cannot entry Mount Athos, but they can relish the astonishing view aboard a yacht. For men, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Sailing is the best opportunity to admire this beautiful place composed of majestic monasteries.

We welcome you to book your first luxury yacht charter in Greece and uniquely enjoy your this summer.

Some of the best yacht charters in Greece

  • Lucky Clover

Total Length-15.84 m

Total Guests-12


  • Plus Too

Total Length-41.45 m



  • Amadeus

Total Length-33.50 m



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