Features of the Special Smart Coach Launched

Features of the Special Smart Coach Launched

Indian Railways unveiled their new coach plant. Such smart coaches have many new features that will help improve passenger safety. About 100 brilliant smart coaches are built under the pilot project, according to the Ministry of Railways. Some of the characteristics of the intelligent coaches are, 

These coaches are known as smart because they have some modern sensors that detect the problem from the compartment to the track and use an integrated computer system to send all the data. Such new smart coaches are going to work on the diagnostic process. This indicates that a special vibration detector, called the Self Power Harvesting Detector, has been mounted on the train wheels. If the bearings, rim, and hard spot on the track have any flaw, they will be able to detect it. The alert will be sent to the railway control room immediately after the detection of any problem.

The sensors will also assess whether or not the track through which the train passes is right. The sensor will give this information to the railway if there is any shortage, which will also stop the accidents from happening.

The coach’s CCTV cameras were mounted for passenger safety. Let’s inform you that the coach has installed CCTV cameras with an artificial intelligence capability. The CCTV’s will make keeping track of housekeeping, TT, the pantry, suspicious passengers simpler. The record will stay for 30 days in CCTV, as a result of which it will help to resolve any urgent situation.

In the smart driver, the Talkback System for an emergency was also installed. That is, by pressing the button of this system in the vicinity of the coach’s passenger toilets, he or she can speak directly to the guard in an emergency and get help.

In this coach, let’s see some other facilities provided to the passengers: facilities such as AC, disk brake system, fire detection, alarm system. Wi-Fi, the hotspot was provided to smart coaches. Passengers can connect their smartphones to their hotspot and watch entertainment programs such as movies, songs, and so on.

It also consists of measurements of water level. The sensor will send the information in the Smart Coach to the control room whether or not the coach’s water is up to the level. How much water level is left and if the coach’s water runs short, the sensor will send an alert in advance so that the coach’s water can be filled to the next station. 

This Smart Coach will also provide the next station and its location information. This information system would tell about the next train and following station location, not only this but also when the next station will arrive. The system will indicate the train’s speed as well

Even though the food might not be provided, Train food delivery is possible these days with the help of the internet. The Smart Coach in the Railways that will not only take passengers with safety but will also say the location and when the train will reach the station, etc., making the journey more pleasant.

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