Exploring Armenia by Car

Armenia by Car

While some travellers prefer to follow their intuition and travel to sponatenous destinations without a fixed plan, others like to plan their travel in advance to make sure they would not miss anything. If you find yourself more a planning explorer and if you happen to plan your next visit to mountainous and beautiful Armenia, an option you should consider is renting a car. No matter East or West, South or North, you can rent a car in Armenia and head to all the possible destinations in the shortest period of time. Here are some destinations you should consider if travelling in Armenia by car:



In Armenia sightseeing places usually include at least one visit to a church or monastery. Giving big importance to religion, Armenians built numerous monasteries and churches all over the country. If you head West from Yerevan, you can get to Ejmiadzin in less than an hour by a car. It is the mother church of Armenian apostolic church and the first cathedral in Ancient Armenia. Built in the early forth century, it is the seat of Catholicos- the supreme head of the local Church. It is located in the city of Vagharshapat, which is considered to be the “spiritual capital” of the country.


In the Northwestern part of the country is located Gyumri– the second largest city of Armenia. If you want to discover Armenia to the full, this city is, definitely, worth a visit. Having an interesting and sometimes even tragic historical moments, the city is an interesting spot for culture lovers. Many famous artists, musicians and actors come from there. Moreover, it is considered that people from Gyumri are not only talented, but with good sense of humour. With beautiful old streets and interesting people, the city has an enchanting atmosphere making everyone who visits it fall in love with it.

Historical sights in Armenia

 In the North of the country is one of its most beautiful and green regions- Lori. Not only the province has breathtaking nature, but also two other historical sights in Armenia are located here. A visit to Sanahin monastery is usually accompanied by the one to nearby Haghpat monastery. Founded in the 10th century it is one of the most visited tourist spots in Armenia. Haghpat- a medieval cathedral was damaged numerous times. However, nowadays, together with Sanahin it is protected by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites for their unique architectural values.


Sevan– the Armenian “sea” is located in the East of the country. Situated in the province of Gegharkunik it is considered as the “jewel” of Armenia. Not far from the capital, the lake is highly popular not only among travellers, but among locals, too.


If you prefer less touristy and popular areas, than Goris is among the list of places to visit in Armenia. In the Southern part of the country, the town represents a unique style of architecture. Cozy and warm, the town is small enough to walk around in a couple of hours. Being the second city in the province of Syunik it is also considered to be the cultural centre of it, since it has a cultural palace, public library and dramatic theatre.

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