Effective Ways to Save money for Travel

Saving Money on Travel

Saving money effectively has helped me touring many places across the globe. I don’t come from the set of affluent families who can lavishly travel all around. In my case, I need to have a proper planning to visit even one location. Every penny matters to me. But the lack of lot of money has not stopped me from travelling. 

If you love traveling truly, then nothing can stop you. But the only thing is that you have to apply a simple formula for saving money for travel. 

I can offer you a secret formula which can help you save lots of money for your travelling. Not everybody is a travel blogger who earns with all their travels so this is important. Even I work 9-5 to save money so that I can enjoy some travelling on weekends, long weekends, festival holidays and annual holidays.

This formula has helped me to save money to travel many places. This is one golden formula which is not very simple to implement. But if implemented in a proper manner you can save so much amount.

Without a delay, let me help you with the formula: 

Traveling to show off = 1/ Numbers of Vacation in a Year

Formula says, traveling to show off is inversely proportional to the numbers of vacations you can afford in a year.

We save money for lots of things, for our car, our future home, kids education, future studies etc. Do you thing you now have time and energy for the separate traveling savings account.

Daily life style changes can help you save lot of money for your future goals. But my formula says if you want to save money for travel then save it during travel. And increase the numbers of travels.

Save money for Travels during Travels

This will not be tough one for people who travel for the love of traveling. I know enough people who don’t enjoy places and spend all the time posting pictures on their social media handles. And for posing a luxurious holiday on social media then often spend more on vacation than what they should spend.

Now when you have understood the gest of saving money during travels. Lets checkout the effective ways of saving money for travels.

  1. Preparing in Advance – Every year my company provides me a calendar and first thing which I do is I mark all the long weekends, festivals dates when I can plan my travels. Also, I check if my birthday or anniversary is falling near weekends.
  2. Planning Your Leaves – Not All leaves are paid leaves. And losing your pay for traveling is not the best idea. Workout a plan that helps you prepare a for as many travels you want and can afford them without losing your wages and salary.
  3. Smart Booking – Tell me, do we need to travel via flight every time and to every destination? No right? Do we need to book 3rd AC train ticket or 2nd AC train tickets every time we travel in train? No, we don’t, our traveling medium should always be dependent on few factors such as number of days for your vacations, traveling time etc. The rule here is never book a flight if it is just an overnight journey, try to book train and sleep in train so that you don’t spend hefty amount on flights. You are not strolling anywhere during night anyway.
  4. Say no to costly resorts and hotels – Simply book a home stay or a hostel stay for the travelling.
  5. Use public transport – Don’t book a cab every time for the local sightseeing. Many travel operators loot us a lot here. So be wise and use public transport.
  6. Don’t eat and order too much. Choose your eateries wisely and don’t waste your money on food you want only for the Instagram pictures.
  7. You don’t need new dress for everyday – This concern is found mostly in women as they love to wear new outfit for every new day of their vacation. This is not wise ladies. Don’t get fooled by virtual reality of social media and waste your money. There is no harm in repeating the clothes.
  8. Shopping everywhere is not really necessary. There is nothing more important then memories you make while traveling. Thanks to smartphone we can easily capture so much today and with so much ease. Don’t waste money in shopping unnecessary show pieces and clothes.


So, these are some useful and effective ways through which you can travel a lot while traveling for traveling. If some other ways come in your mind through which you can save money. Let me know in the comment section.

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