Dubai Announces Record Tourism Arrivals Up 5.1 Percent In 2022

Dubai Announces Record Tourism Arrivals

The Media Office of Dubai has released a statement that tourism in Dubai contributes approximately 11.5% of total GDP. Likewise, the Media Office of Dubai has declared that there was a 5.1% increase in tourism as compared to 2018. It was estimated that approximately 16.783 millions of people has been visited in Dubai. However, Nigeria was declared as the fastest growing market in Dubai by attracting 246,000 visitors. The number was 33% higher than in 2018. Hence, a great number of tourists have found Dubai super safe, reliable, and affordable to come and spend quality time with their friends or family members. 

I was reading an article about the top 10 tourists’ destinations in Dubai. I was very enthusiastic to explore all of these areas. Being an adventure lover and travel lover I feel very blessed to get a chance to explore Dubai. After Christmas, I was free and had vacations so, I packed my bag took my family with me to explore the Middle East. All of us were equally excited to visit Dubai. We selected many places to visit but the desert safari Dubai was the biggest attraction for us. We have never been to this place ever before. No doubt, deserts are the best place to enjoy desert sports and entertainment activities.


Dubai Announces Record Tourism Arrivals Up 5.1 Percent

The 2019 report of the World Travel and Tourism Council has revealed that Dubai is the third largest tourism spot all over the world to capture international tourists towards UAE. The government bodies of the UAE are working to facilitate the tourists. It has been mentioned in the newspaper ‘’The Nation UAE’’ that the ruler and prime minister of UAE -Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid- in his fifth cabinet meeting has announced the introduction of multi-entry, five-year tourism visas for tourists coming from any corner of the world. 

Now, the biggest problem was the selection of the best tour companies in Dubai. Last year one of my colleagues visited Dubai. I called her and asked her about a suggestion. I took importance to her opinion and booked the same company as she recommended me. It was a fine sunny day when we decided to visit the Al Qudra Desert in Dubai. The beauty of the desert magnifies by the lake situated in the center of the desert. I was lost in the beauty of the desert. On top of that, it was an adventure for me to go for Ras Al Khaimah Jebel Jais tour. The jebeljais tour package included the 1 hour drive from Ras Al Khaimah, off-road drive across 1.4 miles long coastal driveline, a night stay in the camp under cold surrounding, mountain drive, and stay on the top of the mountain. 

The desert safari Dubai tour was started around 3:15 pm by going to the desert in an SUV car –Land Cruiser-. This tour was comprisedof 6 hours. We were welcomed in the traditional Arabian style with warm tea, ghawa, and dates on our arrival to the desert. Although the temperature was around 75 F yet it was interesting to explore the desert in the scorching heat. We had hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, flip flops, and loose-fitting clothes to enjoy every moment. 

Dune bashing is the top-rated activity in the desert:

We started this off-roading adventure in Toyota Land Cruiser with the experienced driver. The driver knew all tricks through which he raised our energy level while driving on lofty dunes. While we were rushing up and down through dunes, this hair-raising adventure rushed adrenaline in our veins. It seemed that it was gentle and swift to drive on razor-sharp dunes but a master can perform this task. 

Enjoy the thrilling ride on dunes with ATV quad bike:

The climbing on the hills was a heart-throbbing activity on ATV quad bikes. The guide advised me to reduce the pressure in tires so that my paddle could easily hit the sand. I hired a two-seater quad bike to enjoy this invigorating desert sport with my wife. I pointed the steering wheel in the direction where I wanted to go. I maintained the momentum and speed to drive gently on sand hills. I took razorback transitions by tackling the speed. Both of us were inspired by this rip-roaring adventure. The desert was not a smooth plane and driving on dunes with ATV quad bike was the best lifetime adventure. However, it is more comfortable to drive with three or four wheeler quad bike because it helps to maintain the balance. The best tour companies in Dubai provided us with extra-ordinary facilities in low-cost that are praiseworthy.

The breathtaking moment of sunset is worthy to explain:

It was around 7:00 pm and the sun was ready to bask after shinning with its glory. I exalt nature and love to get closer to nature. It was not less than a blissful moment for a person like me. The yellow-golden sun rays were changed into orange-golden color and filled the sky. This spectacular moment insisted us to take photographs.

Do not forget to enjoy a camel ride to capture stunning photographs:

The camel ride to the campsite was our first-time experience. My children were timid and confused about how to sit confidently on the camel. The camels are particularly raised to amuse tourists with the camel ride in the deserts. The guide helped us to sit gently on a camel. It was an awe-inspiring experience. We felt as if we were sailing across the sea. It was mandatory to take snaps. The undulatory movements were joyous. We had a panoramic view of the desert and witness the sunset. The beauty of the deserts captured me in its unending magic. Approximately after 15 minutes, we were at the campsite after enjoying this cheerful camel ride.

Entertainment activities are not to miss at the campsite:

The VIP Dubai desert safari included 3 live dance performances at the campsite. The Bedouin camp was decorated with lights and entertainment activities were waiting for us. The Belly dancers started traditional dance on the Arabian music.

It refreshed us after enjoying the thrilling desert sports. Tanura dance was the next dance performance in which the dancers transmitted tranquility and peace of mind through Sufi style dance. I get to know about fire show performances via Wikipedia. At the campsite, the performer showed surprising skills of fire breathing and eating, body burning, juggling, baton twirling, and poi spinningby combining gymnastics in the dancing style.

Make your friends envious of wearing traditional Arabic costumes:

We wore traditional Arabic costumes and took pictures to share them on social media. The eye-popping colors and embroidery werereflecting the typical rituals of the Middle East. My wife loved to wear those decorative dresses.

Give a new taste to your taste buds after eating the appetizing dinner:

I am impressed with the VIP waiter service at the campsite. Not only I but also my wife admired the way of serving food. I have dined in 5-star restaurants of the world but their taste and serving techniques are superior to everyone else. During VIP Dubai desert safari, we ate delectable and savory BBQ dinner prepared with fine ingredients. My son is a pure vegetarian and we were glad that the dinner was available there for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian visitors. After enjoying the delicious, the waiters served us Arabian ghawa (coffee) and tea. The taste of coffee and tea was just finger-licking. For the very first time, I ate Arabian dates. They were juicy, sweet, and rich in energy.

Enjoy Arabic sheesha pipe and melodious music in the background:

The Arabic sheesha pipe is a true spirit of the Middle East. After eating the savory dishes, the waiters served us with a flavored Arabic sheesha pipe. The exotic Arabian Water pipes are non-hazardous because nicotine and tar do not enter in the body rather it is absorbed in water.

Henna paintings are must try for female visitors:

My daughter and wife enjoyed having henna painting floral tattoos on their hands and feet. My 8 years old boy was adamant to have a tattoo of his name. So, he did it. The elegant designs and aroma were splendid.

We left our children in playing area and spend quality time with my wife. The care-takers looked after them and tendered them. In my opinion, the night stays in a tent, resort, and fairway up on the mountain were the best inclusion of the jebeljais tour package. I would highly recommend all international visitors to visit Dubai. The director general of Dubai Tourism -Helal Saeed Almarri- has said that 2019 was the year that delivered an unmatched increase in tourism in Dubai for international tourists. Moreover, the tourism authorities of Dubai are striving hard to double the ratio of tourists by the end of 2020 by providing up-scale facilities and luxury amenities at the same time. They have aimed to increase the number up to 22 million by making Dubai the top choice of international tourists to spend their vacations.

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