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6 Hacks to Find the Best Travel Deals

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. That is the beauty of travel, everyone love to travel but not all can make it happen because of the expenses involved in it. But if there is a will, there is a way. This guide explains 6 different hacks you can try to get the best travel deals and land up in opportunities to trave

1.Sneek into Travel Forums 

There are thousands of travel forums out there where folks share the best travel deals posted on hundreds of websites. For example, check the thread from FlyersTalk Forum, they regularly update the new deals. Some other travel forums I would advise are Tripadvisor forum, Thorn Tree forums, Fodor’s Travel Talk forums, Frommer’s forums, Travellerspoint. Also, the user-generated content here means they will notify you about the deals happening elsewhere. Since these forums are very active you can make use of it for any travel purpose. 

2.Geography specific websites 

There are many websites where you can find affordable flight tickets. Since flight tickets share a huge percentage of your overall travel expense every traveler would love to get it as low as possible. Some examples are: For the USA there is Scott’s Cheap Flights, For Europe, there is Secret Flying, For UAE, there is SATA Travels.  

3.Check for Seasonal Special Offers by Travel Agencies

One of the easiest, secured and relaxing mode of travel is to go for a vacation planned by a travel agency. Even though it could be a bit higher on the economic side, most of the travel agencies list Special Offers on their website which is affordable. Budget-friendly holiday packages are the main highlight of these Special Offers. The biggest advantage is, you only have to spend the money you are probably budgeted for a trip you prepared yourself, give or take a few. Also, everything else like Visa, tickets, rooms, food, traveling will be taken care of by the agency. For example, Sharjah based Sharjah Airport Travel Agency comes up with “National Day Packages” for Baku and Makkah which are affordable. Both packages had a good number of takers. 

4.Google Search and Ads 

It’s not a secret that once you hunt anything online or talk about it you will get remarketing ads from top brands. Suppose if you search Paris Holiday Packages in Google, within few minutes you will get ads wherever you go. It could be Facebook and Instagram feeds, Instagram Story Ads, Display ads etc. Since travel is a very intense industry with a lot of competitors, some brands will surprise you with affordable and customized packages to fight the competition, explore these opportunities. 

5.Look for Vouchers 

Everyone loves shopping! Have you noticed some outlets partnering with other brands to introduce unique offers to drive their sales? Most of the time they offer you vouchers which can be redeemed in the form of flight tickets, hotel rooms, food, holiday deals, etc. Big-Budget holiday packages are given as gifts after lucky draws. Likewise, there are many programs like these and you have to do a bit of research to find it out. 

6.Participate in Instagram contests 

You might have received notifications on Instagram when one of your friends tagged you in a comment where an Instagram contest is happening. Travel brands very often run contests in such platforms to increase their engagement and fan following, the prize money would be a travel voucher which you can redeem. If you have a good network then you can explore this opportunity, the sheer volume of contests means, you can check out for less popular contests where the odds to win the contest are perfect. 





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