5 ways to save fuel

5 Ways to Save Fuel While Traveling Long Distance on Your Motorbike

Where motorbike riders don’t have to worry about buying or leasing cars, paying high-interest rates, and spending heavily on the maintenance of their vehicles they still have the tension to pay for the fuel. Like every other product or service in the economy, the prices of fuel are also going up and it is one area where bike riders struggle the most. Due to the small size of fuel tanks of the motorbikes if not efficiently used motorbikes can quickly consume all the fuel especially the older and heavier models of the bikes. 

In the tough economy we live in today it is always better to save on areas where savings are possible. Gaining information and using knowledge to improve your lifestyle and bank statement can be a great feeling and everyone should strive for it. 

As a motorbike rider, you will be going to both long and short distance destinations as due to the fact that the number of impassioned bike riders is increasing rapidly bike riders should know how to effectively use or better yet conserve their fuels to bring down the fuel spendings. While not everyone has the luxury of buying high-end hybrid bikes or the modern electricity-powered motorbikes. 

It is only essential that you should learn and implement on our best top 5 ways by which you can save fuel of your motorbike while traveling to distant places. 

1- Cut out the warmup routine 

Long gone are the days when motorcycle riders had to start the engine of bike and lollygag it for several minutes to warm it up for better performance. Sadly, a lot of bike riders still today it today and that is a problem that needs to be addressed. 

Most of the bike models that we have today do not even need to be warmed up before driving. On the contrary lollygagging them can waste fuel that can be saved. Therefore on your next ride do not warm up your bike’s engine. 

2- Check your tire pressure 

Optimizing the tire pressure is one of the most effective ways to reduce fuel consumption. Low tire pressure increases the load on the engine and the engine has to push harder and consumes more fuel to function. Maintaining tire pressure according to the optimal levels can ease the pressure on the engine that ultimately means your engine will need less fuel to run more efficiently. Therefore ensure both of your bike’s tires are good on air-pressure.

3- Consider Motorcycle Bags 

No matter how experienced you are as a bike rider at some point in life there will be circumstances when you will run out of fuel. And while traveling to long-distance destinations it can be nothing short of a nightmare to run out of fuel as there could be no fuel stations for miles. In such a case, having a motorcycle bag equipped with your bike that has an extra fuel supply for emergency situations can be a life-saver. If you do not have a motorcycle bag you can choose from VikingBag’s Tail Bags or VikingBag’s trunk bags and find the best motorcycle bag that suites your needs. 

4- Maintain smooth throttle

While you set out to travel distant locations try to choose a way that does not have too many stops, obstacles, or traffic signs. The more you use the brakes and stong often the more fuel you will burn. Smooth throttle means you try to maintain a constant speed. The smoothly and constantly you travel the less fuel will the engine consume. Now it does not mean you always travel at high speeds. Ensure that you follow the speed limits of the traffic laws to keep your DMV record spotless.

5- Use high-quality fuels 

This may come out to be a shock for some newbie motorbike riders that the type or company of fuel you use in your bike can not only impact the performance and health of your engine but can also determine how long will your fuel lasts. Some cheap quality fuels burn more quickly and give less traveling distance or mileage than the high quality or premium fuels. Before going on long-distance trips ensure you treat your bike to a premium fuel so you do not have to make several stops for refueling. 

There you have it our top 5 tips that can help you to save fuel while traveling long-distance destinations on your motorbike. There are countless other ways by which you can reduce fuel consumption like fine-tuning, modifying your bike parts, and so on but the above-mentioned tips are specifically based on tips that do not cost money. Because the purpose of this guide is to save you money.





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