4 Best Summer Moments Spent in Guelph

4 Best Summer Moments Spent in Guelph

Winter is on the rise, we are shivering with cold and that’s when you find the summer posts on your Instagram and Facebook. Even the sun looks good in the pictures, doesn’t it?

Yeah, we all miss summer. Staying outdoors is what we miss the most. You don’t even have to think twice, and you jump outside no matter what degree it is and you can chill or take a town’s ride on the best limo service in Guelph. Some memories just stick to the bone, don’t they?

Since its late night, and there is nothing better to do than having a warm mocha and the firewood lets recall our favourite summer moments that have been spent in Guelph.


Plan in advance your oncoming summer!

Don’t be sad if summer days are long gone, there’s only a few months gap between us and our beachy cocktails until then we have got options to decide from how we can better plan our summer days in Guelph. Let’s take a look at my favourite spots;

1.Downtown Time in Guelph

What is amazing about visiting Downtown? It’s just streets, blocks and everyday cafes, restaurants and shops. Well, you should always start with the baby steps. To walk before run is the ultimate moral here. Spending a day walking comfortably without any interference or rush is the best thing to do when in Guelph. It is the heart of mainland cities.

For the first-timers, know this, John Galt the founder of Guelph planned the community on this land. Perhaps, it is one of the earliest examples of town. With its largest concentration or the retail, dining, and entertainment services, it will catch your eye for the upcoming summer days. It’s a tantalizing thought, isn’t it? The market square is just right by the City Hall, and then there’s this giant fountain populated mostly by kids and during winter it’s a perfect skating ice rink to enjoy. 

2.Take a breath of fresh air at Royal City Park

Distance is not an issue in this city, among other services, limo service Guelph will take you to the next stop and this the most amazing Royal City Park.  

Nature makes a man feel fresh, and delete all the negative vibes surrounding the individual. So I would say go to the south of downtown and get to visit Speed River and Eramosa River meet. 

Along the length of the Eramosa River, Royal City Park has always been a summer attraction point. It’s possibly a haven for hikers because of its Downtown Trails and other River trails. Besides it, live music, sports fields or even the playground area for kids make it quite a popular spot to enjoy all summer long. 

3.Take a look at North towards Lake Conservation Area

Did you know the lake is man-made?

I didn’t even know it until I got to visit the place and got chit-chatting with one of the workers there. A dam was built in 1974 because of which the water pooled there. Well, I’m glad that it did! In summer it’s a great place to hang out for swimming, fishing, hiking and camping. 

Another amazing thing about the conservation area is it has not one but two beaches! On a hot summer day, it sounds more than just perfect doesn’t it? I rode on limo service Guelph with my friends to enjoy a perfect tan at the beach at the lake (the beach was just so wanted bonus). And who knows you might get to catch fish? Why not try your fishing skills here?

Because of its popularity, it can get crowdie so you have to find a perfect spot for yourself and your friends especially if you are planning to visit it in July. Why? The Area is also home to Hillside Festival! It’s a treat guy. 

4.If you feel thirsty, Brewery is Here

You can have plenty of tastings and relax in the cozy environment of 5 most presumptuous Brewery’s in Canada 

  • Brothers Brewing
  • Fixed Gear Brewing
  • Royal City Brewing
  • Sleeman Brewery
  • Wellington Brewery

All that summer heat will make you thirsty so you can end up your day at Canada’s oldest brewery. Wellington Brewery has created a timeless beauty of wooden work, traditional style and well experimenting with the new flavours now and then you will feel comfortable here.

Spending an evening gig with close friends is just what you need and it’s unavoidable. Everything is perfectly stocked. Each time you visit the brewery you will find new recipes at the top of the menu card and the urge is just deniable.  

How Do You Feel?

Does it sound exciting enough? I’m sure it does. I believe in sharing good spots for hangout so that everyone can experience and share it with everyone else. Why not share your best summer moments in Guelph?

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