10 Tips for Budget Holiday in Seychelles

Top Tips for Budget Holiday in Seychelles

Beaches are the perfect holiday destinations. They keep me warm and happy. In summer of 2019 I decided to plan a vacay. I was sure that I will go for a beach destination this time. I was deciding between Bali, Maldives, and Seychelles. Seychelles is known for its beautiful and turquoise beaches. Also, Seychelles is less crowded than other two options. I didn’t take much time to finalize and started planning for my vacay in Seychelles.

Most of my research concluded that this trip will cost me big money but I had different plans. I wanted to make sure that I save as much as I can on this trip. And that went really well as I completed my trip with my hubby in only around 1.2 L for 7 days and 6 nights. That’s make it only 60k per person.

Amazing things is that we didn’t miss out any of the must visit places in Seychelles. Broadly we covered all three main islands in Seychelles.

Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue are the three popular islands in Seychelles. After landing at international airport in Mahe we directly took a ferry to Praslin stayed there for 3 days. Then on 4th day we went to La Digue and on 5th day we came back to Mahe and stayed there for another 3 days.

Here I am sharing you the 10 amazing tips for pocket friendly Seychelles trip.


Smart flights booking

Book your flights on weekdays instead of weekends and holidays. Also consider booking it in 2 months advance at least.

Book you stay wisely

We didn’t book any luxurious resort or hotel for the stay. We opted for great home stays in all the three locations. Our stays were with super hosts of AirBnb and I must say that the houses were really clean, beautiful and organized.

Prefer public transport

For the local traveling don’t book a cab and opt for the public transport as it is quite cheap. From any A point to any B point it costs you just 7 Seychelles Rupees. Also, I don’t suggest you to rent a car here as the roads on the hills are really risky. Additionally, the petrol prices are very high in Seychelles. For better understanding consider that the cabs will be 30-40 times costlier than public buses.

Book inter island Ferries in advance

Cat Cocos and Cat Rose ferries can be booked online in advance. As they provide early bird discount it will be great deal if you could grab the offer as it will save lots of money of yours.

Take the Theplas with you like the Gujjus.

Where ever Gujjus go, they take theplas with them. For all the people who don’t know what is thepla? It’s a delicious bread made with Indian spices, condiments, fenugreek leaves and whole wheat. It can be stored for days. It will indeed be very economical if you will carry theplas and snacks with you. 

Make your own meal

If you have intelligently booked a home stay that includes a kitchen you can buy items from local grocery supermarket for cooking the meals. Although eating in restaurants and outlets will be costly but Creole cuisine is a must try in Seychelles. Fortunately, breakfast is mostly included in most of the home stay.

Carry your favorite wine too

Alcohols are very expensive in Seychelles. It will be a great idea if you carry your wines with you as per the flight limits. Taka Maka is local Rum brand in Seychelles which is known to be one of the best in the world.

Shop at right market

Find right place to shop: Try to find local markets near you with the help of your hosts in home stay. Because airports and popular markets may try to charge you over. In Mahe there is a famous local market near clock tower. Consider shopping there for the handicrafts.

Euro is the best currency

Euros are the best currency to travel in Seychelles: Euros are widely accepted currency in Seychelles. Also, you will get best exchange rates.

Praslin Day Trip package

Praslin has few amazing neighboring islands such as Curieuse island where you can go by boat. There are local packages available to visit these amazing islands in best price. On the very first day go and book the package for the same or next day. It must be booked locally as booking it online will be costlier. You will find giant tortoise and Coco de mer (largest nut in the world) on the neighboring islands of Praslin.

Consider following these 10 tips to save your money and fully enjoy the Seychelles trip. It’s only a myth around this place that it’s very costly. If you plan smartly you can enjoy this amazing place in very economical price. 

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Name: Anupama Singh (Website: www.travelbrownies)

Anupama is passionate traveler who loves to share her traveling experiences with people. While holding her 9-5 desk job of marketing in Mumbai she manages to write travel blogs and travel tips for people.

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