10 Best Day Trips From Amsterdam

10 Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

The canals, coffee shops, art museums, and the list continues. There’s a lot to see in this city of millennials. The city of Amsterdam is beyond the range of five senses, and you will get to notice immense diversity in the people and culture, from locals to tourists and from canals to rivers.

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    Zaanse Shans:

Quintessential Dutch things on the way here! The windmills and the wooden clogs. The village showcases the past of the initial industrialization and is an all-way open-air museum for travelers. The 18th to the 19th-century touch of this Dutch village can be related very closely as to how things worked by then, adding to these, is the Zaans Museum standing tall to tell the history.

Dutch pancakes are a cherry on the cake for the foodies! Additionally, one can take an in-depth look inside the windmills, take the taste of the fresh cheese from the cheese shop, visit the lumber mill and the wooden clog maker’s place.  A 15 minutes train ride from Amsterdam Central Station and a 20 minutes’ walk will take one there and then onwards you are free to wander except the windmill and museum which needs some minimal pay to visit inside.

  • Keukenhof Gardens:

Seven million flowers under the sun of this garden make it a place not just large in area but awestruck greenery, peace, and colors around! Flowers of almost every color that can be imagined are seen here.

Although open only for two months, the garden finds large crowds. Cafes inside the garden make a mark and let you take a sip of coffee and enjoy the amazing display of colors. One can find the entrance cost steep at 16EUR, but it is worth it. One can best visit in April and can see maximum flowers bloomed and some lovely tulips too. Make a point to go early morning t avoid heavy crowds. It’s a 40 minutes’ drive from Amsterdam and can be reached by bus or bike.

  • Rotterdam:

Overshadowed by its elder sister city, Amsterdam; Rotterdam is a visit for something extraordinary. A 35 minutes ride from Amsterdam makes it a must-go destination. The ‘hip city’ vibes and the quirky architecture of the city makes one fall in love.

One can start the trip from the city center and then visit the Markthal, then have a look at the cube houses and take a long walk through the streets of Pannekoekstratt. Luchtsingel Bridge and art wall can be kept next on the list before going to have an outside drink on Witte de Withstraat. One can hire a bike and take a guided tour to have a good visit within time if left with more time, the buildings that weren’t destroyed in World War II in the Delfshaven area can be visited.

  • The Hague:

Just 50 km away from Amsterdam and next to the beach, the Hague is a must-visit destination. The peace palace preceding the international law is worth taking a tour. The Mauritshuis museum is said to be the home to the girl with Pearl Earring. On a warm summer day, the beach terraces on Zwarte pad at the Scheveningen makes one feel better while the DJs play their role to make a night party at beach dingy and make it a memorable one.

  • Alkmaar Cheese Market:

A 30 minutes train ride from Amsterdam and one finds oneself between the lanes and mountains of cheese at Alkmaar. This little town has a charm and is a trip worth remembering. The traditional cheese markets in the city are centuries old. The market is a weekly one and takes place on Friday mornings. The best time to visit is between April to September.

  • Gouda:

More than a cheese town, this place has a lot to tell and stands at a 55 minutes ride from the capital. Gouda has impeccable architecture and rich history. The town hall amidst the central market square is a monument one cannot miss upon. The tallest church in the Netherlands, St Jan church is a must-visit.

The houses of Gouda have great facades, some even dating back to the 1600s. the cheese markets which are open between April to August attract huge crowds. The market is open on Thursday and cheese making can be seen in detail. The Van Vliet bakery has got the delicious Stroopwaffles and at the den, Gouwen gives one a taste of the local Gouda Beer.

  • Utrecht:

A smaller version of Amsterdam, but with more canals. The picturesque streets with small cafes on the water banks, both of which are less crowded, make Utrecht a place at ease. Many students can be seen as it has the largest university in the Netherlands. The less expensive shopping options, marvelous galleries, museums, and churches make Utrecht a great place to spend a good time. The Dom Toren, a top at 450 steps gives a spectacular view of the city. A 40 minutes Direct Sprinter train from Amsterdam takes one to Utrecht. If spared with more time, do visit the De Haar Castle.

  • Haarlem:

An easy choice for a day trip which is just 15 minutes’ distance from Amsterdam. Haarlem is a typical fairy tale city. If visiting on Saturday, one should not miss on the Grote Markt central square. Teyler’s museum and St. Bavo Church are a great time to spend. The best sandwiches of the city can be tasted at De Overkant and at De Friethoes the best of the fries and mayonnaise make the tongue happy.

The day ends at Jopenkerk, where one tastes the craft beer and bitterballen. Leiden: Less than half the tourists of Amsterdam and a half-hour drive takes one to Leiden. The locals call it a University town. Surrounded by splendid restaurants, coffee shops, canals, and even a harbor and a world-class museum. An Egyptian temple gifted to the Netherlands in 1971 is speculation. Molen De Valk- a windmill museum still operated by some amateur millers gives a great view of the Leiden from its upper stories.

  • Muiderslot Castle:

To fulfill the obsession with castles, one has to have a visit to Muiderslot Castle. A 40 minutes bus journey from Amsterdam takes one to this 12th-century castle. With the IAmsterdam card, the castle can be visited for free. Its good to go with children as there are numerous spots to take on traditional clothes and have good pictures as well the exhibitions are an attraction for children. The ideal time to visit is summer when the flowers have bloomed.

How to take these trips? 

  The best way to explore all these holiday destinations is by renting a car, talk to a travel agent in Amsterdam, for travelers coming from other countries, contact travel agents focusing on Amsterdam Holiday Package. There are many such travel agencies, tour operators, car operators, travel forums, community clubs who offer such services in Amsterdam as well as other countries. The advantage of taking assistance from these services like travel packages is that you can be relaxed during the entire journey without worrying about the plans. 

Boom, have a nice trip! 

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