Top Key West Destinations When You Want to Get Away From It All

Key West

Key West is well-known as a prime party spot but there’s also another side to it, a place where you can step back from the hectic pace of your everyday life and un-tense those muscles, ease your tired mind, and simply do whatever it is you want to do everyday. Whether you visit alone or with a loved one, there are plenty of ways to get away from it all so you can return to your regular life feeling renewed.


Dry Tortugas National Park

This is one of the most in-demand places to visit in Key West. But don’t let that deter you. Once you get there and get in that crystal clear water for snorkeling, you’ll quickly feel like the only person in that underwater world. Just about 75 miles off the coast of Key West, this small chain of islands is highly protected, so access is by ferry only. Guests of the park can go snorkeling, tour the historic fort, walk the promenade, and even kayak around other islands. If you’d rather stay on dry land, there’s even a small beach, and very limited camping available with reservations required.

Old Town Key West

Although the whole island is truly charming and warmly welcome of tourists, Old Town Key West just has a different vibe. There’s a real feeling of roots and history here that immediately catches your attention. From shops and local museums and landmarks, this area offers lots to see and do as you make a leisurely stroll around town. But make sure you stop for lunch at Eaton Street Seafood Market and Restaurant while you’re in the neighborhood. Getting your favorite seafood prepared to order couldn’t be easier! The Art Deco style building is practically a local landmark all by itself, but the food is why people keep coming back. From fried fish sandwiches to grilled lobster and even conch fritters, you can always count on the team at Eaton Street to deliver local seafood dishes you won’t soon forget.

Sandbar Charter

One of the most indulgent ways to spend your time in Key West is on a sandbar charter. It’s like the best of a private party with the beautiful sun, sea and surf of Key West as your backdrop. Key West is lucky to have plenty of sandbars around, and locals know the best ones for an afternoon of great music and good fun. Board a charter vessel for your group to be taken directly to a sandbar where everything you need is provided for you. Enjoy over-water swings, floats, lounge chairs, and even your choice of music when the boat has Bluetooth speakers you can connect to. Some sandbar charter boat operators even offer arrangements for lunch to make your seaside experience even better.

Fishing Charter

People love Key West for the fishing, and once you experience it for yourself, you’ll understand why. The geography of the area makes it a place where schools of fish move easily between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, giving you the opportunity for great fishing literally every day. Book a fishing charter with All In Fishing Charters for a half- or whole-day experience that ensures you have a fantastic time. You’ll get all the fishing gear you need, and the helpful crew is always there for when you have questions or need a little help. All In’s captain is a local who knows the waters around Key West very well, allowing you to feel totally confident in getting the chance to do some deep water, wreck, reef or flats fishing. Even the most inexperienced angler is welcome to go fishing!

Local Beaches

If you want the joy of a seaside experience in Key West but don’t want the worry about meeting a charter vessel on time, picking a local beach to spend your day at can alleviate that concern. Key West has multiple municipal beaches that are open to tourists, too. Many offer amenities like snack bars. You can also rent beach chairs and loungers, plus snorkeling equipment. These beaches are easily accessible, making them a great stop when you want to bike around on a self-guided tour of the island.

Retreat to Key West and Restore Your Soul

In Key West, you’ll find a peaceful and relaxed vibe that allows you to truly unwind and let yourself feel free to just be. Get in touch with your true self by getting better acquainted with nature through swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Feed your inner child by indulging in only what you want to eat, from the most convenient casual dining experiences to fancy dress-up dinners that make you feel like a million bucks. Whatever it is that delivers you bliss, you can find it in Key West. 

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