Top Treks in Nepal

5 Top Treks in Nepal – Choose the best trek for you

Nepal abounds in natural wonder country, home to Mount Everest, the world’s loftiest peak with other 8 highest peaks, the deepest gorge on Earth, land of Buddha, and colorful culture, traditions, festivals and people. Nepal stands as a true national park full of nature, captivating hearts with its snow-crowned Himalayas peaks. Similarly UNESCO-listed 10natural, cultural and historical sites, all of which reflect in the welcoming and understanding smiles of the Nepalese people.

With an impressive count of 8 out of the world’s 10 highest mountains, Nepal has undoubtedly top of the list for adventure lovers, trekking enthusiasts, and mountaineers. The mountain ranges in Nepal are among the most beautiful and unique in the world. With a variety of terrain from stunning snow-capped peaks to lush green valleys, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy. The diverse landscapes make Nepal the best country for trekking and hiking from easy and short to challenging, long and difficult.

It is important to know the best things to do in Nepal for the first time. If you are looking for Nepal Trekking this year, we are listed the 5 best treks which you can choose from depending on your interest, experienced and time limits.

Best 5 Treks in Nepal

  • Everest Base Camp Trek.

  1. Manaslu Circuit Trek.
  2. Short ABC Trek aka Annapurna Base Camp Trekking.
  3. Makalu Base Camp Trek.
  4. Khopra Trekking.

  • Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Duration: 14 days
  • Permits: Sagarmatha National Park permit and Local Government fee
  • Accommodation: Luxury Hotel or Standard Teahouses
  • Trip Difficulty: Moderate to difficult.
  • Max elevation: 5,550 meters.
  • Best months: March, April, May, September, October, November, and December.

The best trek in Nepal and the world is the Everest Base Camp Trek. It takes you to the bottom of highest mountain in the world Mount Everest through Sagarmatha National Park. In short Everest Base Camp Trek is the first choice for hikers around the world who plan to visit Nepal.

Everest trek is not too difficult. It takes around 14 days including arrival and departure. With Trekking Trail Nepal you can choose how long you want your trek to be, from 12 to 21 days. Another option is the Everest Base Camp Trek is fly back Heli. As this is classical base camp trek we need to follow the same trail going up and down, with Everest Base Camp Trek with Heli return will save your time and includes the different experience of the Khumbu Region and Himalayas from the sky and land. 

Namche Bazaar is a colorful place surrounded by snowy Himalayan mountains. It’s on the way to Everest Base Camp. This is a good town to explore and rest to get altitude acclimatization before you heading to highland. Experience Mount Everest and learn about Buddhist Sherpa culture are two major highlight of Everest Base Camp Trek.

The Everest Base Camp trek is full of natural beauty. High alpine forests, cross swinging bridges covered in prayer flags, colorful monasteries, Lukla Airport add value to your Everest Base Camp Trek trek with Trekking Trail Nepal. In short, it is not just a trek, it is truly an experience you will remember forever and share with your loved ones.

2. Short Manaslu Circuit Trek

Short Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Duration: 12 days
  • Permits: MCAP, ACAP permits and Restrict Area Permit ( RAP)
  • Accommodation: Teahouse lodge
  • Trip Difficulty: Moderate
  • Max elevation: 5,106 meters
  • Best Time to trek:  March, April, May, September, October, November, and December

Included Most in-demand trekking in Nepal, Short Manaslu Circuit Trek is an amazing, adventurous and best trek that follows a circular trail for hikers to explore the Manaslu massif. With towering peaks of Mount Manaslu and other eye catching peaks view, Manaslu Circuit Trek includes Lho Village, Gap, Sama Village, Larkya-La Pass, Marshyangdi and Budi Gandaki River valley. Natural Hot spring of Machha Khola makes a perfect choice with its preserved cultural and religious heritage. 

Manaslu Trekking is the most popular restrict area trekking because it has so much to offer. Sama and Samdo valley offers its trekkers the beautiful view of Nyke and Samdo Peak, oldest monastery, galactic lake, Tibetan buddhism practices and more.

One of the highest pass in Nepal, Larkya La Pass 5106 m is the part of this Short Manaslu Circuit Trek. To make it more adventurous you can combine the Tsum Valley too, which make Tsum Valley Manaslu Circuit Trek.

3. Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek ( ABC Trek)

  • Duration: 11 days: But 5 Days Short ABC Trek from Pokhara is getting popular now days.
  • Permits: ACAP permits and TIMS card
  • Accommodation: Teahouses and lodges
  • Trip Difficulty: Moderate
  • Max Elevation: 4130 m
  • Best months: March, April, May, September, October, November, December. For snow lovers January and February.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the second most popular trek in Nepal after Mount Everest Base Camp Trek. This Short ABC Trek presents a wonderful experience through diverse scenery and deep valleys of Annapurna trekking regions which is the mix of rich cultural interaction, picturesque valley, waterfall, trails and sunrise accompanied by Annapurna Himalayas range and the iconic peak of Mount Machapuchare (fishtail).

The trail passes a few temples and monasteries, which reflect the rich cultural-religious heritage of the AnnapurnaSanctuary Trek. Similarly trail is naturally decorated by the lush forest of Rhododendron, pine, and the bamboo forest which will win  everyone’s heart. Also, the breathtaking sights from Poon Hill, which is a high point near the town of Ghorepani, are one of the most amazing parts of the Annapurna Base Camp Trek through Poon Hill.

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek, sometimes called the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek or Short ABC Trek, begins with a journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara. You can get to Pokhara by taking a pretty flight or driving on a nice road. Pokhara is a lovely city by a lake, well-known for tourists, and it’s like the starting point for going to Annapurna Base Camp

4. Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu Base Camp Trek

  • Duration: 21 days
  • Permits: Makalu Barun National Park Permit, Restricted Area Permit (RAP), and TIMS
  • Accommodation: Teahouses, lodges and camps
  • Trip Difficulty: Difficult
  • Best Time to trek: March, April, May, October, November till Mid December
  • Max elevation: 5,250 meters


Nestled in the far-flung northeastern part of Nepal lies Makalu, a place of wonder that boasts the fifth highest mountain globally and offers an incredible view of iconic peaks like Mt. Makalu and its neighboring peaks. This remote area isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a gateway to an entirely unique world of adventure.

This secluded area reveals rural Nepalese life against a backdrop of stepped fields and a thrilling Rhododendron forest trekking trail. The off-the-beaten-path of Makalu Base Camp Trek begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar and an off-road drive to Num.Despite its 21-day duration, Makalu Base Camp Trek is doable with good fitness, however you have to be more natural lover rather than comfort seekers. You will surely be rewarded with myths and tales of the “Yeti” in Makalu Barun National Park. This trek isn’t just about mountains; it’s a gateway to an exceptional world where nature’s grandeur and cultural immersion intertwine, making it a paradise for adventure seekers

In a nutshell, the Makalu Base Camp trek is a paradise for those seeking an adventure like no other. It is different that any popular treks in Nepal. It is a life time opportunity to not only witness some of the world’s tallest peaks but also to immerse yourself in the hidden wonders of Nepal’s heartland.

5. Khopra Trekking

  • Duration: 13 days
  • Permits: ACAP permits and TIMS card
  • Accommodation: Community lodge, homestay and hotel
  • Trip Difficulty: Moderate
  • Max elevation: 4,700 meters
  • Best months: March, April, May, September, October, November, December. For snow lovers January and February.

Khopra Trekking has a reputation as the best short trek with the ridge trekking route widely presented as Khopra Danda or Khopra Ridge Trek. The ultimate point of this hike is Khayar Barahi Lake Trek at the lap of Annapurna South at 4700 meters.

As the short trek is getting popular, Khopra attracts hundreds of locals and international hikers. The extension flexibility and circuit trail options of Khopra Trek are one feature. Short Poon Hill Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trekking, Muldai View Trek, Narchyang Water Fall Trek, Hot Spring Trek, Mohare Danda Trek, and Hidden Lake Trek, can easily be mixed with Khopra Trekking. Similarly the Khopra Ridge is one of the best places for lunar trekking, dark sky exploration. Khopra is one of the best stargazing trekking in Nepal.

Furthermore, Khopra trek is traversing through crystal clear blue water of Khayar Lake and Annapurna South Glacier,marvelous views of surrounding Baraha Shikhar aka Fang mountain, fishtail, with Dhaulagiri Himalayas range. Besides, the trekking trail leads you through the most beautiful city Pokhara, and the best homestay of the world Ghandruk village.

Diverse flora and fauna, herds of yaks grazing, trail passing through the meadow, ridges line, small rivers and streams, rhododendron flowers and alpine woods make Khopra a wonderful trekking in Nepal.


While Nepal boasts numerous breathtaking trekking destinations, the sheer abundance of picturesque valleys and trails makes it virtually impossible to explore them all in a single lifetime—a challenge indeed. Nevertheless, the beauty of this mountainous country is always within reach.

Whether your dream involves conquering Everest’s peak or connecting with the spirituality of Hinduism or buddhism, Yoga retreats, or easy and short trekking to the Himalayas, Nepal stands ready to welcome you with open hearts. Follow our guidelines, choose among the 5 Top Treks in Nepal and enjoy the life. For a nay queries Trekking Trail Nepal is just an email away.