There are certain places in the world, which every human being with sound mind and sound body should be visiting, here is the reason why one should be visiting such places before dying because each of us comes in this world for once, there is no way we will be ever visiting this world again as Death is certain And life is not. ‘This life is temporary And for death be prepared, 

So when it says that the life of this world is just an enjoyment of delusion it simply and clearly means that we ourselves are free from nature there were not any kinds of restrictions when we were born, one can have as much fun in this life, it will just come to an end one day and suddenly then the fun will just stop all by the nature and we will be taken to life hereafter.

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What makes these places famous?

There are certain places in the world which gets remarks and opinion of expert, other than the expert advises those places got majority of votes from the visitors, these places have natural tendency and urge which makes visitors to visit, the factors are more than the scenic beauty, their food, culture and heritage are other factors which creates the sense of inclination.

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It is all about in Europe


Paris is the most liked destination from the visitors, the votes of visitors is quite considerable that’s why we have put Paris on the top of the list, Paris, is France’s capital, Paris is a global center for, fashion, as the most of the visitors pay visit to Paris just for the shopping experience as biggest designers located are on the Champs Élysées, among them the famous shops and boutiques are d’Orsay, shopand, Les Halles, Rue Du Commerce and Boulevard Saint Germain. Are well known. Paris is also liked by its visitors because of its cuisine, dining and food the best hotels in the Paris which got there name in the top list areLa Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa,

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Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel, Hôtel Plaza Athénée.


Rome is capital of famous country Italy, Rome is well known to the world by its famous historical values as the eras of Octavian, Julius Caesar and Hadrian, are still the most trending topics among the students of history, the city Rome was originally founded by Seven Hills which are Carciofo alla Romana at Hostaria Romana this is the very reason the city is also known as the City of Seven Hills, the most important fact about Rome is that tourist solely visit Rome only to taste Italian cuisine, the famous restaurants in Rome are Fiori di Zucca at Emma, Supplì at I Supplì, Carciofo alla Romana at Hostaria Romana and the Pizza al Taglio at Pizzarium.

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London is preferred by the tourists who are carrying their families along with them, London is taken as the #1 In Best Family Vacations in the whole Europe, a visitor who is visiting England must visit these places: Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens, Find Tours & Tickets, Tower of London, and British Museum because these places are considered the only one of its kind,

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A tip to be noticed

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